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    A fourth member doesn't necessarily have to be Maya. Although personally I think adding a fourth member would be a mistake at this point, the Kalagirls have been together for ten years now and developed a very close relationship between them, so an extra vocalist would just be weird.
    It wasnt Kajiura that kicked Maya out, it was herself that didnt want to continue. And i think its obvious by her life since then.
    Table ? Was it one of those concerts-with-dinner ?
    Yeah, it was at a jazz club where you can buy food and drink during the performance. Eating pizza while watching Kaori sing live, two of my favourite things in one evening!
    Here We Stand In The Morning Dew > this was originally Chiba Saeko's and tbh doesnt fit Yuriko, it still sounds like karaoke ver of original
    FictionJunction Kalafina
    I know, I'm just nostalgic for Yuriko solos
    blue clouds (tsubasa) is one of the sweetest tracks <3
    That and Guess how much I love you. <33
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    I wholeheartedly agree with you two. I name a soundtrack successful when it evokes the same feelings you have as you watch when you listen to it long after the series is over with eyes closed. Guess How Much I Love You and Blue Clouds always make me giddy but sad, warm but somehow lonely. The scenes of the anime flash in my mind. So pretty.
    you just said you are ok with her harmonising :P
    FictionJunction Kalafina
    And all the we are good for is being other people's shadows.

    Well, I'm quite ambivalent about this. Yes, contraltos are good for harmonizing, but being restrained in the background all the time doesn't do much good.

    Because people will never know what we are capable.

    And in Keiko's case, she seems like the only Kalafina member that made alot improvements lately.
    FictionJunction Kalafina
    What I'm saying is that I'd like to see her in the spotlight every once in awhile, so that I, well we may see the overall beauty voice of her voice at its fullest with the spotlight at her disposal.
    FictionJunction Kalafina
    I mean even Kaori got to provide vocals for two RHH OST, at least.

    What about Keiko-chan, she's the singled one out. So, i'm just saying that it is unfair, that's all.
    If you check her twitter she does some recordings here and there not really menthioning what they are about.
    @Heyden: Yuuka is one of my favs. Also also no matter if you dont like her voice at least she isnt having vocal issues but improving instead
    FictionJunction Kalafina
    Is she still singing?
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