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Yuuki Yoshida (吉田 有希)

Yuuki's releasing her new single this month !!

From her website: http://yoshidayuuki.net/

Limited Edition

SZCM-2001 1,200 yen + tax
Will be released August 17, 2016
※ scheduled for pre-sale in 14 days Comiket booth
  • 1. rosa bianca
  • 2. Kaleidoscope Chronicle
  • 3. rosa bianca off vocal ver.
  • 4. Kaleidoscope Chronicle off vocal ver.
  • One raw photo inclusion (all five)
  • Event participation 1 voucher inclusion
No Polaris though... I wonder why it's not part of the single (??)

Also a video of her photo shoot, with Rosa Bianca as BGM.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zTo5DXfTD0 I like the song.
Ya know: Yuuki pulls off the elegant girl next door look amazingly well.


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
And this is her debut single?

Maybe the sample song Polaris would be a part of an upcoming album. Anyway, I like the instrumental solo :)

Lyrics seems to be a mix of another language tho.
No. This isn't a debut single, unless you consider it the debut of her re-launching her singing career. It's actually her 3rd single overal. The previous one, I have a live video of, is Do Not Surrender. It's for an anime series or movie that I never bothered to track down. Her first single, which I wonder really happened, was when she was still with Sound Horizon, or shortly after she left. I have not found it. I only saw a couple posts about it. It may have been songs she recorded but were not released. So... Let's say it's her second single and her comeback debut single.

Edit: Seems I didn't scroll far enough on her website. There's a second edition to the single. This one is 4 songs, including Polaris. No off vocal tracks like the first version. I didn't see this, so I'm wondering if it was added later, after I posted.

Normal Edition

SZCM-2002 1,600 yen + tax
Will be released August 17, 2016
Plans to sell in the amazon ※

1. rosa bianca
2. Kaleidoscope Chronicle
3. Polaris
4. Magic of Sweets

Event participation voucher included
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Yuuki reminds me, mostly, of Maggie Reilly. My mp3 player once played a song by Yuuki (a Sound Horizon song) and right after that it played Moonlight Shadow and I was amazed at how the two sounded so similar. With Yuuki's new single, I feel she sounds similar to Jane Weidlin (mainly because of their soprano voices), but still has a Maggie Reilly feel.
There is this violinist: Machi Okabe, who plays on Yuuki's new single. She's a friend of Yuuki's, but I didn't see how they were friends. Neither mentions it in their twitters or blogs. So I went through her biography (it's very sparse and leaves out most of her career) and finally through wikipedia-japan and found the link: Sound Horizon. Sound Horizon ? Did she play with them. So I went though my concert vids of Sound Horizon and there she is: Second Violin for TTE3. I'm not a big Sound Horizon fan. When Kaori and Yuuki left, I lost all interest in it. Now I see Yuuki is friends with the second violinist, also a former member of SH. It's interesting how Kaori and Yuuki still keep close ties with the friends they made while in SH. **need a violinist for this song.. hmm... I know, I'll call up my friend, formerly of SH. She's real good.**
Seems Yuuki is in New York studying English. She's been there since March. Nothing like deep end of the pool immersion to learn a language. I wonder if she'll have a Brooklyn accent when she returns to Japan..... if she decides to return to Japan....
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Yuuki went back to Japan for a 3 day weekend visit. I don't know what the US holiday weekend is, but in Canada it's Thanksgiving weekend. Might be President's Day or something like that. Oop ! It's Columbus day.


and who does she go meet ? Well... Kaori of course... I wonder if Keiko is jealous... probably not.

thx to @Kugayama for the heads up. I would have seen it through Kaori's twitter, but he posted first. I usually check Yuuki's twitter once a week. She's not very active and very little in the way of career info.
Yuuki is having a release event on April 21, 6pm to 6:30pm. Don't know if this is a concert or a meet and greet. Seems too short for a concert. You can only get a ticket by buying the CD. You can buy the CD at the event. It's only been TWO YEARS since she released the CD. I was hoping to see more music... but sadly no.. No new music.... Hopefully she will release more music SOON !!!