Yuuki Yoshida (吉田 有希)

Yuuki's releasing her new single this month !!

From her website: http://yoshidayuuki.net/

Limited Edition

SZCM-2001 1,200 yen + tax
Will be released August 17, 2016
※ scheduled for pre-sale in 14 days Comiket booth
  • 1. rosa bianca
  • 2. Kaleidoscope Chronicle
  • 3. rosa bianca off vocal ver.
  • 4. Kaleidoscope Chronicle off vocal ver.
  • One raw photo inclusion (all five)
  • Event participation 1 voucher inclusion
No Polaris though... I wonder why it's not part of the single (??)

Also a video of her photo shoot, with Rosa Bianca as BGM.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zTo5DXfTD0 I like the song.
Ya know: Yuuki pulls off the elegant girl next door look amazingly well.
And this is her debut single?

Maybe the sample song Polaris would be a part of an upcoming album. Anyway, I like the instrumental solo :)

Lyrics seems to be a mix of another language tho.
No. This isn't a debut single, unless you consider it the debut of her re-launching her singing career. It's actually her 3rd single overal. The previous one, I have a live video of, is Do Not Surrender. It's for an anime series or movie that I never bothered to track down. Her first single, which I wonder really happened, was when she was still with Sound Horizon, or shortly after she left. I have not found it. I only saw a couple posts about it. It may have been songs she recorded but were not released. So... Let's say it's her second single and her comeback debut single.

Edit: Seems I didn't scroll far enough on her website. There's a second edition to the single. This one is 4 songs, including Polaris. No off vocal tracks like the first version. I didn't see this, so I'm wondering if it was added later, after I posted.

Normal Edition

SZCM-2002 1,600 yen + tax
Will be released August 17, 2016
Plans to sell in the amazon ※

1. rosa bianca
2. Kaleidoscope Chronicle
3. Polaris
4. Magic of Sweets

Event participation voucher included
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Yuuki reminds me, mostly, of Maggie Reilly. My mp3 player once played a song by Yuuki (a Sound Horizon song) and right after that it played Moonlight Shadow and I was amazed at how the two sounded so similar. With Yuuki's new single, I feel she sounds similar to Jane Weidlin (mainly because of their soprano voices), but still has a Maggie Reilly feel.
Just found out that Yuuki has a Facebook page. However it's private. I don't think I should post the link. Maybe she'll make a public one soon.
There is this violinist: Machi Okabe, who plays on Yuuki's new single. She's a friend of Yuuki's, but I didn't see how they were friends. Neither mentions it in their twitters or blogs. So I went through her biography (it's very sparse and leaves out most of her career) and finally through wikipedia-japan and found the link: Sound Horizon. Sound Horizon ? Did she play with them. So I went though my concert vids of Sound Horizon and there she is: Second Violin for TTE3. I'm not a big Sound Horizon fan. When Kaori and Yuuki left, I lost all interest in it. Now I see Yuuki is friends with the second violinist, also a former member of SH. It's interesting how Kaori and Yuuki still keep close ties with the friends they made while in SH. **need a violinist for this song.. hmm... I know, I'll call up my friend, formerly of SH. She's real good.**
Because I can't seem to access videos from Billibilli any more, I found her one video of Do Not Surrender that is on Billibilli through another site that links to Billibilli... Sort of a parasite site. But, well... It will play the Billibilli video. So here's the link
Seems Yuuki is in New York studying English. She's been there since March. Nothing like deep end of the pool immersion to learn a language. I wonder if she'll have a Brooklyn accent when she returns to Japan..... if she decides to return to Japan....
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Yuuki went back to Japan for a 3 day weekend visit. I don't know what the US holiday weekend is, but in Canada it's Thanksgiving weekend. Might be President's Day or something like that. Oop ! It's Columbus day.


and who does she go meet ? Well... Kaori of course... I wonder if Keiko is jealous... probably not.

thx to @Kugayama for the heads up. I would have seen it through Kaori's twitter, but he posted first. I usually check Yuuki's twitter once a week. She's not very active and very little in the way of career info.
@ghostreaper - that tweet was actually a Twitter suggestion (a like by Kaori Oda) rather than a tweet or re-tweet from people who I follow on Twitter.
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Yuuki is having a release event on April 21, 6pm to 6:30pm. Don't know if this is a concert or a meet and greet. Seems too short for a concert. You can only get a ticket by buying the CD. You can buy the CD at the event. It's only been TWO YEARS since she released the CD. I was hoping to see more music... but sadly no.. No new music.... Hopefully she will release more music SOON !!!
Rosa Blanca, 4 song EP. You can find all the info on her web site. Also is a 2 song single. If you buy, get the EP..