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Yuuki Yoshida (吉田 有希)

Yuuki Yoshida from the (old) Sound Horizon is now doing solo carrier.


YUUKI (Yoshida Yuuki) is one of the main singers from the second “era” of Sound Horizon. She was a Japanese Idol in 2003, when she was part of a Unit called SpringS. She also took part in several TV Doramas that aired NHK and Fuji TV, as well as some commercials.

Her voice is high pitched and childish, well defined as a pop-commercial one. She has taken some roles in SH such as Hortense (Roman), Layla (Seisen no Iberia) and Locria (Moira)

Appears in
  • Shonen wa Tsurugi wo…
  • Dreamport
  • Roman
  • Moira
  • Seisen no Iberia
looks like she also did vocals for this



Her song is free to listen up to 10000 plays

I really like it, i love the harmonies and the happy and carefree mood
WOOOO !!!!

She mentioned that some thing was going to happen today in her twitter on March 6.. This is great. I've waited so long. All I have is a song called Never Surrender from 2014. It's for some game and it's not that great a song. I'll try to dig up the billibilli url I found it at.

It's also her birth day today (March 29) .SOOOO !!! beleted 27th birthday Yuuki.

found it. It's from some live event and not a music video

She is also the youngest of the 6 former Female voice party members.

I got a listen to the song and it's beautiful. Kaori better step up her game. This is my fav right now. She wrote the lyrics for this song too !!!
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^ Thanks! I played it around 10 times i think :)

She was my fav vocalist in SH after Kaori. I couldnt recognise Remi at that time XD

Stupid Revo, bring the old sanhora back.

I guess she will eventually return to singing.
Her solo debut is sometime this summer, probably with this song.
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HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Stupid Revo, bring the old sanhora back.
Please!!! I haven't had any attachment to the new characters past Moira :'(
I need another harmony-heavy album :cry: Seisen no Iberia and Moira :comeback:

I wonder if Yuuki's coming back to SpaceCraft? She quit the management before because she intended to focus on something else. Was is stage plays, etc? What label is she in now?
Yuuki was concentrating on University. It may have be music studies. Not quite sure. She has been working with a small game company the last few years doing voice overs and singing on some tracks. Nothing notable, except Never Surrender in 2014. Her management may be through the game company. I doubt she will return to Spacecraft. They really did nothing for her after she joined (then left) Sound Horizon.

It's interesting to note that Yuuki, Ayaka and Aya were SpringS when they were kids. They all left Spacecraft due to disinterest by or conflict with management.


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Ah I remember. Yuuki said she would focus on theater. She and Kaori were absent from Marchen because they went to study. But Kaori was still able to release songs through Gatherway, Historia, and Toki no.

About Aya, she was dropped because of the scandal from before.

Not sure about Ayaka. She has changed to many names but still a nobody? Sorry a little harsh maybe :'( I read somewhere that she was more known for having really handsome boyfriends, and man they weren't kidding LoL.

Kaori, Yuuki, and Wakana were in a nameless trio group before covering songs. They also covered Kimi Ga Ita Monogatari of seesaw. Interesting.
I also saw an early female voice party video of Wakana, Ayaka, Keiko and Kaori (from left to right) performing cover songs. A couple months later Ayaka and Keiko were announced as duo. Then Yuuki was put in with Wakana and Kaori for the next two female voice party events where Ayaka and Keiko performed as a duo. Then Kaori and Yuuki went off to tour with Sound Horizon. Poor Wakana was left all alone... good thing YK kept her busy with vocal work.

@joel_jman, the stuff about Ayaka and the boyfriends is from the Generasia article. It's not up to date. Probably 5 years since it's last update. Ayaka has been busy, but it's mostly under the radar, much like Yuuki. I'm still hoping to see something substantial from her being a finalist in the Tokyo Girls Audition last year.

Ayaka left Spacecraft because they wouldn't let her record her own songs. Aya left when they wouldn't give her any work due to a benign tumor in one of her sinuses. Spacecraft wanted her to have it operated on. She refused. Doctors said it didn't have to come out and if they did, it could change the sound of her voice. She left, joined another agency, got some choice parts and won best female voice actor for one of them. I don't know the whole story for Yuuki. She just sort of drifted away when Spacecraft gave her no work. From what I understand (And I may be wrong) She met some game developers in University. When they graduated she went to work for them doing voice and vocal work. I don't know if she has an agent right now.


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
I dont get why its bad to have many handsome boyfriends though
Oh i wasnt referring to having many boyfriends, but about the boyfriends beung reall handsome. i checked them all lol. Coz I was really curious.

There are more frozen talents in Spacecraft Produce department. Probably why there wasnt any Music Energy 2015. Coz only kalafina, yuuka, luna, aira, and kaori (and kaji and ozawa) are actively producing music.
Some one uploaded Yuuki's new song on youku.com. Made a picture video for it.


I thought I'd also post this old video of her when she was with Sound Horizon.
Utsukshiko Mono from the Roman album. This is why I became a fan of her. So expressive.


I wondered if I should put this here as well. Some more Yuuki singing with Sound Horizon, this time with Kaori. It's the first of two songs from the TTE3 concert clip

Yuuki singing Hoshikuzu no Kawahimo
Revo singing the second song Asa to Yoru no Monogatari
(I hope those are the correct songs. That's what I grabbed from the you tube info)

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Sorry Aki, I don't. It was an animated gif about 15 seconds long with no audio. I lost it over the years. (as I do with computer meltdowns) I have yet to find it again. If you want to look for it, look for Female Voice Party. Some one may have reposted it.
吉田有希 ‏@yuukirinrin329 12h12 hours ago


Looks like Yuuki's been training as an aromatherapist. She just received her level 1 certification. Good for her.
Thanks Why her eyes look bigger in the first pic ? Also she seems to have put these iris enlarging droplets

I guess the aromatotherapy is in case the debut fails or to fill the money gap if money isnt sufficient.

She was my fav vocalist in Sanhora next to Kaori <3
She also has (I believe I read it correctly) a degree in communications or broadcasting. (Or she's working on one.)

Edit: I have to take this back. I went looking for the tweets I thought she made about this and I can't find them. So, until I do, this is rumour on my part.
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