Yuki's Statistics


Hey, is there maybe already a thread concerning Yuki Kajiura's statistics ? I couldn't find it.

I would like to know some numbers about her work:

- Total number of tracks
- Total musical length (should be around 3d10h)
- Number of songs and lyricist credits
- Number of works (SAO, SAO II ...... Alicization being only 1 work)
- Number of vocalists
- Average hours of new music per year / Top year
- Number of personal concerts (Those littles SAO events & cie shouldn't be included, neither Kalafina ones)
- Number of Kalafina concerts
- Average ORICON rank for Kalafina
- Any awards ?

And if someone has an unlimited knowledge, her ranking concerning total musical length compared to others composers (Japanese & others). For example, I know that Hans Zimmer has >5d10h , Yasuharu Takanashi >3d12h , Hiroyuki Sawano >3d2h (not counting 6h of re-arranged tracks).
What about John Williams, Joe Hisaishi ... or even classical composers ? I don't know.

Your knowledge is welcome ! Thank you !!!


For number of songs just check the lyrics page of the site, for number of vocalists the vocalists page and count. Awards she had one few years ago but dont remember what it was. (EDIT: found it but its just award from Newtype so not that important https://forum.canta-per-me.net/threads/fate-zero.2500/page-70#post-209280 )
The average tracklength has dropped to arround 1:25- 2:30 the recent years with all those bundled osts and fit-to-scene compositions.
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