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Yuki Kajiura to compose for "Princess Principal" [6-part movies -sequel announced | Pripri concert with YK and band]


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Interesting. Kajiura was at the event, and the soundtrack seemed well received, so I see no reason for the producers to pass her over for the movies. Hopefully, we'll get more jazz pieces since there are already plenty of dramatics.


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more jazz and possibly good-quality electronica plz.

also I personally did not mind the strings in this one. I thought it was very well done (except for that arabic-jazz combo which was a tad weird) particularly operations in action.


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I mean tracks like Everyone has something to hide, Tensions are rising, The creeping fate, Why should we be apart, Battle of shadows. They didn't even fit the series. The show wasn't as dramatic as those tracks make it out to be.


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'Prin-Prin' was the best anime series too few people in the West watched last year, and my personal fave from 2017. I'm itching for more, and I definitely want Kajiura-sensei to do the scores for these new movies(go figure,right?), but it's a solid show from every other standpoint, so it won't necessarily be a deal-breaker for me if she doesn't,but it would make me sad...I mean, Ange's lilttle Kajiurago theme is so cool...maybe she really is an alien? And what's with the humanoid frog in the OP--more than just an analogy to 'The Frog Prince', at the bottom of a well with a Cavorite ball...?


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Interview with Kajiura and the composer of the opening theme


There's a lot of interesting info on this one.

When Kajiura first saw the images for the show, she thought it was going to be an upbeat "we can do it" kind of show.

She once again acknowledges the "Kajiura" sound that everyone knows her for, and even speaks a little about it.

There's mention of wishing she could write more vocal tracks and some thoughts about the beginning of her career.

It's a pretty interesting read


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I've said it before but between the bumps I honestly keep forgetting this thing is even happening...


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Interviewer: Speaking of how the music is used, do you leave it up to the staff of the show?
: In my case, yes. I don’t involve myself in the sound mixing process, so I generally don’t know where my music has been used until I watch the show on TV. And it’s interesting to find out—I’ll sometimes be like “You’re using this piece here?!” (chuckles)

ha ha ha


Kajiura: It’s really important for opening themes to garner a sense of excitement in the audience. On that front, I feel that ‘The Other Side of the Wall’ is ideal, both in terms of the sound and the tune. After all, no matter how realistic the story they tell, anime worlds are, fundamentally, not real. As something that serves as the door into those unreal worlds, opening songs have to generate a thrill that makes you forget reality. In contrast, the ending serves as an outro, one that gives you an aftertaste of the show and then returns you to reality. When I write songs that are meant to serve as openings or endings, I’m quite conscious of having them fulfil those two roles.
Woot ? I never noticed anything like that! And how about those OP-song-like ending themes like blaze and one light ?
I feel like that in some interviews Kajiura says things that arent so real, just to go with the flow of the interview.

Kajiura: Right? When you’ve written about 30 instrumental pieces, you start feeling like “Write something with vocals, dammit!” (chuckles) And then when you’ve been writing just vocal stuff, it’s like “Write some damned instrumentals, you dolt!”

First sentence Kajiura after Knk,
Second: Kajiura before KnK

its weird how she is aware herself that the vocals are way too few, but does nothing about it.
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Woot ? I never noticed anything like that! And how about those OP-song-like ending themes like blaze and one light ?
I feel like that in some interviews Kajiura says things that arent so real, just to go with the flow of the interview.
Parhaps she means songs on shows that she's actually working on? She had nothing to do with Arslan Senki. Chances are Kalafina got picked by Sony/pushed by SpaceCraft and Kajiura just had to do something...

its weird how she is aware herself that the vocals are way too few, but does nothing about it.
I'm not sure that's quite what she meant but I'm not Kajiura either...

Anyhuu, surefine interview IMHO. Nothing really new (or have I read it somewhere before?), but it read like they were having a good time chatting.
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Oh LMAO I remembered this article :ohoho:

During Princess Principal broadcast, this nachiblahblah guy, the one commissioned this article and apparently dislikes Kajiura was in awe of the OST. When he saw who did the music, he couldn't believe it and made several tweets that people should credit Takahashi Ryo(composer of the OP and ED of the said animu) for the jazz pieces on the music lol and moaning that his name should also be on the cover of the OST. I guess when the OST was out, he was probably still on delulu mode and hunting for the true composer of the said pieces and I'm assuming why this was translated was due to this. Very tragic hahaha

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its weird how she is aware herself that the vocals are way too few, but does nothing about it.
After reading the whole article, I don't feel like she feels that there are not many vocal OSTs, but it's more like she just doesn't like sticking on writing only the instrumental songs or only the vocal songs (I think that she didn't mean only the vocal OSTs, but mainly, just any songs with lyrics, because previously, they talked about making a whole album including the PuriPuri OP song.) for a long time.

Switching between writing the instrumental pieces and then vocal pieces sounds better.., so that she wouldn't get bored or run out of creativity \(-__-)/. I feel the same when I'm working on sth....lol. But I also feel that she couldn't do so when she's involved in a rush project with some specific requests.


Ooh just like in TV anime they only announce it months ago, i guess the budget for advertisement is low, but quality is more important :)

btw i see no menthion of that news on the official website. Was it from an event or something ?
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2019.06.14 EVENT

「プリンセス・プリンシパル THE LIVE Yuki Kajiura×Void_Chords」

2019年10月19日(土) 開場 17:30/開演 18:30
2019年10月20日(日) 開場 15:00/開演 16:00


◇梶浦由記 (Piano・Chorus)
MUSICIAN【FRONT BAND MEMBERS】:是永巧一 (Guitar) 、佐藤強一 (Drums) 、
高橋“Jr.”知治 (Bass) 、櫻田泰啓(Keyboards)、中島オバヲ (Percussion) 、

Vocal:Yui Mugino
MUSICIAN:Ryo Takahashi(Bass)、Yuichi Kitajima(Guitar)、
Nozomu Kitamura(Drums)、Kuwagata Fukino(Keyboards)、
Shigeo Aoki(Manipulator)

全席指定 8,800円(税込)

インフォメーションダイヤル 03-5793-8878(平日13:00~18:00)

【申込受付期間】 2019年6月14日(金)16:00~7月7日(日)23:59
【申込受付URL】 https://eplus.jp/pripri_thelive/

※枚数制限:お一人様 4枚 まで