Yuki Kajiura to compose for "Princess Principal" [3-part movies #1 "Crown Handler" on [postponed] 2020]


@SurgamIdentidem I wonder if it has separete credits for moonlight melody and mawashite, since i hear some accordion in moonlight. Also because the VAs arent included as vocal in the page you shared.


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@yuki.n I posted the lyrics in the corresponding threads.:V: Thank you! I would definitely be very happy if you could translate the interview sometime (soon)!:waii::XD:

@george1234 Other than production/staff there are actually no other musician credits at all, not even for the OP and ED songs. I guess this means that the accoridion in mo hitotsu mawashite is probably synth.

(Btw. I always get a server error warning when I post something for some reason....)


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  1. shadows and fog-I like the parts without the sax. I am sorry, I just don’t care for it in this anime. Or at least in this song. But REMIs voice is really cool and mysterious.
  2. tailing in darkness- This reminded me of Abel’s Ark a bit from Xenosaga. You could just see the characters being all stealthy while listening. lol
  3. scars of the past-Nice. Gave off a Mushi-shi vibe to me. I guess just because of the chimes. It’s simple but it works.
  4. go and get it!- The beginning with the drumming made me think “Is she composing for the new Battlestar Galactica?” lol I don’t think I like this one.
  5. on a day so calm- Very nice and calming. I love the piano melody. It’s simple but sweet. I liked these kinds of tracks in Hanako as well.
  6. espionage trap- Ahhh R.O.D. vibes from this. I wonder if she watched that before making this. Heh I loved the music in the show and liked the show overall. It’s a little jazzy, which I like too.
  7. under suspicion-It was okay.
  8. bitter times- Nice guitar melody.
  9. tensions are rising-Makes me think of the Stargate music a little. Love it.
  10. a royal girl-Nice. Kind of reminded me of Hanako and Mai Hime. I love strings, Yuki is after all the reason why I took lessons. so I am okay with there being a lot in this ost.
  11. walking in the fog-Kind of a meh cello song. Not really to my liking.
  12. battle of the shadows-My favorite of the soundtrack, hands down. Wow. Remi is amazing. Even though it’s not much, but I love it from start to finish. Kore’s playing reminds me of the tangents he goes on in Kala songs live sometimes. I love the strings. Ahhh I can just imagine Konno playing this, if it was him.
  13. Orchestrion- Not sure I like the melody on this one. The start is quite awkward. It seems like something at an old fashioned ball. heh
  14. A Page of My Story 〜Piano ver-Nice! I really like the piano version of the song.
  15. room with no window-Hmm, weird instrument. Kind of a weird one, but different for Yuki
  16. everyone has something to hide-As I said before, I like it until the HnY part, which has the exact melody at some parts. Other than that I like it, but I just cringe at that part.
  17. Titteringly- lol at the title. Yes. I am 12. I like it otherwise, nothing special though.
  18. school girl life- Now this one screams Mai Hime at me. But I love it. So sweet, definitely a favorite.
  19. the creeping fate-Kind of reminds me of hear our prayer from Tsubasa. Nice melody.
  20. something is out there- SFX
  21. have to get over-Again with the drumming. Lol And that sound effect sounds familiar. I wonder what that is exactly, how she comes up with the idea of using them. Or just randomly picks and goes “that sounds cool!” lol
  22. the London Wall- I guess I was expecting something a little more spectacular for the title. I don’t know… it’s okay, just not what I was expecting.
  23. moonlight melody 〜Piano ver- Again like the piano ver.
  1. a fighter-girl from east-lol I thought of Naruto in the beginning. Very different song for Yuki. I like the flute version and strings of the theme better than the sax. //is whacked.
  2. tiny flower garden-Nice and sweet. I love songs I can just sit back and relax to, and this is one.
  3. a noble man- Hmm, not sure I like this cello song either. I love the cello, but I wish she would use it more in her happier songs as well.
  4. why should we be apart?- I like it. Almost brings tears to my eyes.
  5. tragedy and silence- It’s okay, nothing to note really.
  6. in the fog- I don’t really like the guitar in this one. Kind of ear piercing to me.
  7. operations in action- I like everything about the main theme except the beginning and end, they kind of are just a weird placement. Love the strings and flute. And again used over and over like in SAO. At least towards the end they used whole songs, or almost whole. Still. It got a little annoying.
  8. Hopeless-Kind of a blah piano song for me.
  9. give your hands to me- Very nice and sweet. Like it a lot.
  10. acting behind the scenes-A slower version of the main theme. Hm, don’t really care for it all that much. It’s okay.
  11. moonlight melody in blue- This reminds me of Now he is from Madoka. Nice violin cover of Moonlight.
  12. a girl from the east-I loved this! Probably my second fave song. I love her middle eastern songs, so this was no exception. Yuki continues to amaze me.
  13. Uncanny- SXF
  14. shall we dance?-I like this more than orchestration. It’s a nice waltz piece.
  15. A Page of My Story 〜four-handed ver- Also nice.
  16. her true story-This reminds me of RHH. So I love it.
  17. Mo hitoshu mawashite 「もひとつまわして」 I really enjoy this song. I know it is repitive, but she really does have a nice voice. She has a higher pitched voice, so it’s a little cutesy, but not so much that it doesn’t fit the song. Who does the Kajiurago part? It only lists Remi as vocal. Also love Rie’s playing.
  18. moonlight melody- I like it, it’s pretty, not sure Beatrice’s voice fits it very well. Dorothy’s though, wow. She is a really good singer. Maybe she will be one of Yuki’s next vocalists now? I wouldn’t mind that at all.
  19. The Other Side of the Wall(TV Size) (01:33)
  20. A Page of My Story(TV Size)-Actually like the song now. It’s catchy and stays in your head if you start to hum it.
Overall I give this soundtrack 7/10. It had some really great tracks, especially for me, battle of the shadows. I thought there were 5 insert songs? Or am I imagining things? Anyways, I found this enjoyable. I actually agree with George about Sword Art Online having really enjoyable tracks. I like that she’s experimenting more with other instruments. SAO wasn’t her best work, sure, but it was enough to initially get her to come overseas to the US at the Dolby theater! (Still sad about it… but still that was a pretty big deal). Anyways. I just watched ep 11. Is that the last one? Or is there one more? It seemed like an ending, but it was kind of rushed. I kind of liked how it turned out though. Enjoyable series overall, if you know more of the back story it would probably be more helpful. Heh I thought they had started in the middle of the show or something. Lol Oh, I did not like the theme. I thought Kalafina would have done a much better one. It didn’t have to be in English really, although all three of them have gotten better at it. But at least the ending was Yuki, wasn’t it? In the booklet it said it was arranged by someone else, but it was still written by her, right? Sorry if this was already answered. lol The ones in bold are the ones I liked the most.


okay you can definitely know which tracks are with the other drum player and which are the tracks with Sato on drum bcs the difference is very striking lol

in my opinion it's not a bad soundtrack. idk if this makes sense but as a whole the soundtrack and how the songs was ordered make for a solid listening? the songs aren't that great but they're not that shabby to be skippable either, unlike SAO (esp ordinal scale) and Bokumachi. idk why people on YouTube actually consider Bokumachi to be among Kajiura's best lol probably they're anime/kajiura noobs who don't listen to her works prior to Madoka. sadly, the soundtrack, as almost every Kajiura's soundtracks after KnK, is very exchangeable with her works for other animes. it gives the impression like "ohhh i can definitely hear track A to be used in Madoka" or "umm i think track B is very like that song from SAO!" and maybe it's just me but the first notes of the main theme is like 4-5 ascending notes that give a very Lacrimosa-Sore wa Chiisa na Hikari no you na feeling lol

and almost as usual I'm not that impressed with Remi's singing.


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oh wow it's Remi? she sounds...so different to me.

and wow if it is no 1 in anime music in amazon japan. don't know what it is being compared to though.

hehe it says the ost's artist is FictionJunction. I remember Kajiura saying in an interview that it didn't mean anything and that she was FictionJunction xD




ALL Keyboards & Programming :梶浦由記 Yuki Kajiura
Strings:今野均 Konno Hitoshi Strings, 城戸喜代 Kiyo Kido Strings
Violin : 城戸喜代 Kiyo Kido
Viola : 渡部安見子 Watabe Amiko
Cello: 堀沢真己 Masami Horisawa,笠原あやの Ayano Kasahara
Flute : 赤木りえ Akagi Rie
Piano: 松田真人 Matsuda Masato
Electric Guitar: 是永巧- Koichi Korenaga
Acoustic Guitar: 田代耕一郎 Tashiro Koichiro
Drums : 山木秀夫 Yamaki Hideo,佐藤強一 Sato Kyoichi
Bass: 高水健司 Takamizu Kenji, 高橋 "Jr" 知治 Takahashi "Jr" Tomoharu
Sax: 黒葛野敦司 Tsuzurano Atsushi
Vibraphone: 浜田均 Hamada Hitoshi
Vocals: Remi
Chorus: 貝田由里子 Yuriko Kaida

While looking for the new musicians names i also found some interesting stuff.

Drums : 山木秀夫 Yamaki Hideo

Sax: 黒葛野敦司 Tsuzurano Atsushi
http://diskunion.net/jazz/ct/detail/XAT-1245393789 < samples from one of his CDs

Vibraphone: 浜田均 Hamada Hitoshi


wow thanks for the videos!

anw this is completely unrelated but I just found out that Nozaki did the drum for little by little's 悲しみを優しさに (that old Naruto song) and I fanboyed a bit because I loved that song and adore the drumming on that song even before knowing Nozaki played it.


great reviews! so many new OST from Kajuiura-sama. I want buy also this CD


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Btw, apparently the anime sold well enough that Bandai is expanding the Pri Pri series. Expect manga, an actual gemu for the Vita, and maybe season 2.


Btw, apparently the anime sold well enough that Bandai is expanding the Pri Pri series. Expect manga, an actual gemu for the Vita, and maybe season 2.
Yay!! Apparently it seemed like the actual plot was starting in the last episode, so i more than welcome a S2. sora is right too, more jazz and more japanese style musics would be great :D


Oooh. Six part movie series. Hopefully there's moar Yuki. Wonder if they can cut a deal with her.


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Eh. Happy for those who liked the first season and wanted more. 6 part movie series is basically a glorified tv series these days...


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I wonder why they opt for movies instead of more TV anime.
Are they going to make us wait 1+ 6 years ?
Who knows? There's no rule, lol. Money issues again.

The upcoming K-seven stories- movie series has a monthly schedule.

On the other hand Girls und Panzer das Final (another 6 movie sequel) seems to have no schedule at all with the first movie released in December and no date for the next one announced... Reportedly they barely finished the movie on time for the premiere...