Yuki Kajiura to compose for "FSN Heaven's Feel" movies [standalone OST March 27/2024, UBW/HF concert on 21-22/9/24]

3CDs makes me think it will just be repackaged tokutens but I guess we'll see.
I'd love them to be new mixes, since the tokutens don't sound great (I could be wrong but I remember being under the impression they were possibly rough stereo downmixes from a 6ch mix)... Even just less dynamic range compression would probably be a welcome upgrade.

I'm buying regardless, since I never got the tokutens. Guess this will also go digital to streaming and hopefully hirez for purchase...

Now gib Madoka movies and Alicization, plz.

In addition to the OST release, Fate20th anni will also have concert featuring Fukasawa and Kajiura

Edit: It's a film concert I heard so it would be like full dive. And what's the chance we might get theme song dedicated to 20th anni here lol. FJ feat Aimer, LiSA, Keiko, Hikaru...:groucho:
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The heck are you responding to? Azokad didn't say anything about how early it got announced.
How did you get from the skull to "announced early"?
Regardless of what the skull actually means, Azokad was clearly commenting on it being a 2 day event, not how early it got announced.

I'll apologize and go offline, if I'm the one misinterpreting.
What did you expect its a huge concert of course the announce it at least 6 months in advance.
I don't know what did you understood buuuuuut...
do u know what would have been great? ANNOUNCE the concert or concerts (*) 3 months ago to match the OST release ;)

(*) Its one day for Kajiura and one day Fukasawa? 💀
From rakuten:
『劇場版「Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]」Original Soundtrack』/CD
『劇場版「Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]」Original Soundtrack』/CD
『劇場版「Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]」Original Soundtrack』/CD
I wonder how accurate this could be. It's probably not, but yes, they could fit all 3 songs with the first movie OST...
We wait for ze tracklists, maybe it's not going to be kept back until release like WfS2, lol.

Do we think they announce a new "Fate" route anime during the live event? Or Hollow Ataraxia...
I think if they ditch the sfx tracks there will be enough room for one Aimer song per disc + one movie ost per disc.
Well, yes, of course if they ditch something, there will be enough space for Aimer. :-P
Question is whether they do it, or they work around it. We shall see.

And really only "spring song" is the issue being 78m long on the tokutens.
Would be nice if they included Kajiura's UBW guest tracks, since they skipped them from Fukasawa's standalone UBW OST. But that's like 10minutes of extra music that we don't really have space for if they want to have a "neat" presentation on those 3 discs, lul.