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Yuki Kajiura to compose for "FSN Heaven's Feel" movies [part III: Spring Song > Spring 2020]


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She's so gud live (if it's not edited in post too much) though I think her anti-s would hate her slurring even more than the studio version, lol.. Somehow it feels sped up though... lol. Also wish the harmonies were there.

Do you mean me? Lmao. aimer can damn well hit the right notes and I admit it (unlike a certain someone), but pardon me for not liking her slurring/singing at all. Idk which one frustrates me more, aimer slurring dragging but hitting the right notes or Wakana being flat the whole time or falling in and out of tune but still has the tone I somewhat enjoy. I probably hate aimer more because you can damn well autotune Wakana's horrible pitch control but you can't change the way aimer sings.

Omg i really can't stop shitting on aimer. I'm sorry everyone but when I hate someone, I truly hate them. Edited because I'm too horrible. Sorry aimer


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well on her voice I agree with rita, it sounds really bad to me. the slurring is very accurate.

but I guess she did a good job in the sense that it's almost like the studio magicked one.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Do you mean me? Lmao.
I meant everyone here who made it clear they don't like her. :) And that does include you.

While I can absolutely see/hear how people don't like her singing, I myself still don't hear Aimer as "garbled potatoes in throat" (or other wayharshtai things you said in the past; thank you for editing yourself now :p). Heck, and I'm not even a fan of hers - I just know her Fate songs and think "I beg you" is perfect from her delivery.

If you really want to bring back Wakana's live abilities into this forum - I myself will absolutely pick Aimer, even if this reverbed live (compared to the studio version) hightlighted the slurring more. While (as far as we know) Wakana is doing absolutely fine with her own songs and non-YK covers during her recent lives, she unfortunately is still audibly dying performing Kajiura and I can't appreciate someone dying trying to sing. Unless it's the Eurovision...
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The BD with orchestra live from Aimer this year was like a nightmare for me. Because everything about it was great except for her stupid speech impediments (no offense to those who have real ones). Why waste such a great production and decent songs on someone who can't figure out how to speak like an adult like most children do when they reach age 10

Wonder how the performances of I Beg You with Kaji-chan and FBM in Tokyo compared to this version with Aimer’s band. It sounds like her band is more comfortable playing this than they are with Hana no Uta (which I thought was very sloppy in her last BD release), even though I would have assumed that this faster song is more difficult to play.
Kajiura songs are all difficult to play because of the crazy key changes happening at random


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Aimer ain’t even half bad tbh, I mean she sounds just like the studio record. But I can see why many don’t like her voice, I’m not a huge fan of it myself. Her singing style just seems v expressionless and flat to me. Would love to hear FictionJunction cover the song


I have reached Yuki nirvana
> tfw people think Aimer's performance in I beg you is expressionless and you think it's perfectly tormented and demented

I'd like to hear FJ cover just because I honestly can't imagine anyone in the lineup doing the song justice so I would be either pleasantly surprised or have fun hating it.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Does anyone have mp3s of the songs? The video is currently unavailable for me. *sigh* I want to listen! Even though it sounds underwhelming from the comments.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Thank you!!!! Cant wait to listen! Wow so much Kajiura music this week. (And Lindsey Sterling's new album Fri also! I wish her and Yuki would work together one day)