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Yuki Kajiura to compose for "FSN Heaven's Feel" movies [part III: Spring Song > Spring 2020]


I adore Yuki
Btw they also announced a Fate song collection containing all OP/ED from the series .


I adore Yuki
I remember hearing a clean version of it (ost format I guess) during the premiere event in February. Waiting for all people to be seated in the room, (part of?) the track was played on the speakers. It is slightly different, a little bit more wild.


I adore Yuki
Pretty sure it's region blocked, but this is the preview for the soundtrack:

EDIT: ugh, 37 tracks. That's going to be short ><

2:you have to choose your future
3:small talk, with my brother
4:in the passing train
5:hurrying to the library
6:you shouldn't have come here all alone
7:something I can do
8:she is her Hero
9:what she was hiding
10:the butterfly emerge
11:she's made up her mind
12:he still can't choose his future
13:let's go home together
14:I will be her Hero
15:what he has believed
16:there is a crack
17:he goes, she goes
18:the outbreak of war
19:she rules the battlefield
20:come on, make your move
21:He comes back again and again
22:what else, we can do?
23:despair and hope
24:petals and butterfly
25:in a gentle world
26:my stomach is rumbling!
27:some sweet candies
28:and another dinner
29:spreading disaster
30:gloomy tension
31:bad dream, sad future
32:an invitation from the old man
33:can you save her?
34:the song we once sang
35:a tiny flower in my dream
36:I will face my fate
37:the lost butterfly
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Just wait 2-3 weeks or watch the cam rip... :p
I guess I'm more excited for Alicization OST3 in 3-4 weeks, lol.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Yea, I was, lulz. Though I guess Fate will come fast.

Also, damn I don't think I realized how dry those choirs sounded in the movie.

strings strings strings strings


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I guess. But I hate those choirs in general so don't really know if reverb would've made me feel different about it, lol.

PS. To stay hyped for another week here's that 'the flower will bloom + she did not answer' edit from last year again. I still prefer these strings with Kahasara over lost butterfly ones.
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Some sweet candies was probably the most inspired track out of the samples. Glad Kajiura is still able to use the kalafina song melodies like in one of the bgms there.


Yuki is lord of heaven and earth
what he has believed = to the beginning haha yeah it's a nice touch

eh this will be a pass for me most likely.

use of tokyo konsei is terrible.

and what the hell is "Despair and hope" ? the arrangement is all over the place...

Kajiura (or whoever else chooses the titles) should expand her vocabulary, keeps using the same words again and again.
I have been saying that for a couple years now I think :(


I have reached Yuki nirvana
She rules the battlefield lol I love Rule the Battlefield it is probably my fave track from the Fate/zero ost but if it's going to be similar I would prefer a new track. *sigh* but we shall see. I am looking forward to it though, hoping for more music tracks other than sound effects and ambiance tracks.


I adore Yuki
She rules the battlefield lol I love Rule the Battlefield it is probably my fave track from the Fate/zero ost but if it's going to be similar I would prefer a new track.
There's no track like that in the movie. I think it will be a short introduction with Choirs (certainly the track when Alter appears).