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Yuki Kajiura to compose for "FSN [Heaven's Feel]" movies [part III "Spring Song" > Spring 2020]


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Perplexed how anyone can see Kalafina doing this song. Now Keiko would be the one shouting every syllable or delivering a monotone church sound trying to control herself. I don't know if Wakana or Hikaru would survive it. Or do anything with the lyrics/melody struggling to get through it.

(Sure am coming across like an Aimer stan when I literally only know her songs from watching Fate. lol.)

PS. Can we not talk about hypothetical Kalafina anymore? Even though I'm guilty of just doing it. Bad grunty. Bad.

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Grunty, you can’t imagine Kalafina doing this song in their gypsy girls mode? It just reminded me of that. I’m perfectly happy with Aimer singing it though.


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I just said I can't. :) I don't know what their gypsy girls mode was.

Anyways, going back on topic: relistening to I beg you, I may be missing some sort of a climax in this song. Or not... lol... I'll wait for better quality.
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^ I agree about the absence of a climax. I really do like this song, however there is something missing here for me to be able to say I love it.
And the "lei lei" parts are a bit strange too... But ask me in a week or so, and I might have a different opinion.


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Noice. I'm loving it. I feel like the strings right before the guitar solo were unnecessary. They make it seem like it's going to transition into a different song. But other than that, I love it, hue.

I was reading the YT comments and, @ritardando , is this you? kek
Another great song ruined only by aimer's gargling like singing.
I'm glad Kajiura went to this arrangement. Very chaotic. If we disregard the lyrics, i feel it would fit on the upcoming FGO Babylonia more but anyways...And looking at some yt comments, dunno why some doesn't understand the song's theme if they know what would happen on the next movie, but it is what to be expected from Brave Shine(ew)/Last Stardust(cringy) likers lol


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Maybe they don't know what's going to happen? lolz. I mean, we had george saying he didn't like the visual cause Sakura looked psychotic.

Considering the song, I hope the movie ends with a bang rather than the quiet extended-10minutes of walking around-epilogue like the first movie.
Yup sorry bout that, I get easily triggered when it's related to fate/series community(flashbacks to Fukusawa Kawai Kajiura wars) :XD: I do understand that this song might be hard to swallow to some fans but I think western fans is more opinionated on this kind of thing where they compare something(well..I do that too but not to the toxic level lol)..but hey I Beg You is trending in Japan :dote:

I dread the day for "Shiina vs Kajiura" and "why the hell didn't arrange the VN OST to the movie reeeee" this year haha
I think this song is on point: The strings are not in your face, the bass has nice shining points with kajiura-unlike touches, the guitar is powerful and doesnt have typical structure either, the melody is good enough to make you dance to the song, i love the bridge melody especially, and i like how Aimer pronounces some words like "kizuna", her english are not broken and she generally performs it well, even though she does have that chewing gum sound in the voice, but overall isnt much different from some other of her A-side songs around. Also this song is much better than Hana no Uta which i didnt listen to more than 10 times and dont feel like listening more for now. As grunty said the Kajiura x Aimer collab is improving very fast and i hope it goes beyond the Fate series (pretty sure we will get a song for El Melloi as well)

(I mean, I don't understand why many people praised Sailor Moon Crystal OST over the 90s anime OST). Still triggering, lol.
LMAO they did ? the new ost was totally out of place compared to the 90s one which had aparently won prizes. The transformation scenes were so boring ! I guess it comes from those who never watched the old series.
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I'm glad you guys get me lol I don't expect to like all the music in an album(original or not) but I have seen some dumb comments like hating Kajiura cause their fav VN OST is not there. That's why I prefer if she stop composing to fate, tho I think in Japan her reception is fine.


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wayharshtai.gif lol

I guess I'll wait and see how she's doing in another 5 years or so to compare her to the graduate Kajiura singers.
aimer already proved herself to get "more stylistic" in her singing over the years and as the result her voice grates on my ears more and more with each release. I was fine with her voice around her debut and can comfortably listen to some of her songs but after 2015(?) I think, I no longer can stand her voice.


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I do like her voice, especially in this song. And I can hear a bit of Kala in the song (sorry grunty) especially the strings/guitar instrumental part, and then the bridge. The chorus also reminds me of Magia or at least a Madoka song. (I am hearing a bit of Holly Quintet in there.) I love the Engrish parts. lol And the ending is really sweet, the "Aishiteru" at the end. And I like last stardust. It's one of my favorites by hers and been listening to it a lot lately. True, she can sound like she is slurring some of her words sometimes, but in this song it is a lot clearer than Hana no Uta, which was not fitting for her voice. But I guess people have their own opinions. Does it sound like Kore, Konno and the others? Or is she using other musicians? The guitar is very unique, while the strings are still her style. In any case, good work for both her and Aimer.


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I don't like Aimer's voice. ah. the song is nice though. to me she is singing as if she is eating something @ritardando

I'm waiting for Joelle if Kajiura is venturing out with a new voice. Composition-wise this song is ok but nothing too striking. Keiko would ace this song but the song would change so much.

imagine Eri doing it nhwha

kalafina rulz


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I love Aimer but on this song she causes me some kind of anxiety because it looks like she's constantly running out of hair... But yes, i can also totally picture Kalafina performing this song...