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Yuki Kajiura to compose for "FSN Heaven's Feel" movies [part III: Spring Song > Spring 2020]


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wow thats late. I guess they didnt have enough tickes for the first one in October. Then that means we 're getting the next OST around Aug 2019

The new key-visual for whover is lazy to visit the website https://www.fate-sn.com/assets/img/2nd/top/pc/kv.jpg

I dont like how they drew Sakura, she looks like she's psycho and kinda evil.

funny how Yuki send the same pic to everyone https://www.fate-sn.com/music/

with the bio mentioning "FictionJunction" maybe we' ll get FJ song for the 2nd movie :3
Bio mentioning fictionjunction means nothing, it only says that she's also known/in charge for her solo project "FictionJunction". And FJ (the group with YurikoKaoriKeikoWakana) is under Flying Dog/JVC. I think LiSA or Eir might sing the 2nd movie theme, hence the lack of announcement of Kajiura as theme song composer. Just my prediction.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I'm 99.9% sure it's going to be a Sony/Sacra singer. My bet is on Aoi Eir. Elisa would be lovely. Haruna Luna is nice too. Please no LiSA or Mashiro Ayano.
I'm quite sure they're going to choose one of the previous fate/sn or fate/zero theme song singers. So i think it's between Eir/LiSA/Mashiro/Haruna Luna (one group is redacted because they're pretty much done). I'd be glad if they choose Haruna Luna because of all the singers mentioned, she has the tone that i like the most.

Please no more Aimer. She's the very definition of overrated anisong singer. Unpopular opinion but i can actually stand LiSA's voice more than hers.

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I can't remember Mashiro... Considering the atmosphere of this trilogy, I feel that Lisa is the least fit. Her songs are kinda heroic and energetic, while HF is much more tragic. (I feel that her mother rosario ED style doesn't match HF as well.) But it seems that she's the most famous one among all choices. So..who knows...

Eir and Haruna can have sth. like their previous FZ or AZ ending, which can go well with HF series IMO. (But I'd like sth. darker&more emotional than Sora wa takaku though.)

Iunno, I like her voice. It's pretty sweet. I'm not really into her music, so idk about her singing skills.
I like both her voice&music and have attended her live once. Her head voice is amazing. Definitely better than Wakana, but not as good as Remi or Yuri. However, her chest voice is clearly weaker than the standard. So she sounds not good when singing general pop songs with other artists. Even for her own songs, only her singing on the semi-operatic parts sound outstanding, while the other parts are just generic.
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I didn’t like Aimer’s singing style and voice at first either, but she grew on me, although I still don’t like any of her songs other than Hana no Uta, not because of the singing but because of the compositions. The only other Ufotable movie series I’m aware of is KnK, and there as we all know they used the same artist to sing the EDs for every film, so that makes me guess it’s going to be Aimer again. But we’ll find out for sure in a few months.

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Considering the atmosphere of this trilogy, I feel that Lisa is the least fit. Her songs are kinda heroic and energetic, while HF is much more tragic
Exactly, also ideal white by Mashiro is kind of those songs like Lisa's most songs that hypes up the whole atmosphere, so if we are considering whose voices fit the atmosphere the best, my best bet is still going to be Aimer (or possibly Haruna Luna). I also don't want Lisa to sing the theme song, I mean, just listen to how she sang Kagayaku sora no shijima ni wa in the Lisani 2017 Cross Stage - just think that her voice is not suited for these tragic songs.


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I almost forgot your asking..lol. The other songs in that style I know are Realism and God Only Knows.
Totes forgot to respond, hue. I listened to both. I was really impressed with Realism. Didn't know she could sing like that. Even live she was consistently good through most of the performance.