Yuki Kajiura to compose for "FSN Heaven's Feel" movies [part III: Spring Song > Now screening]


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I agree but I don't mind that much - the best part to me was before the strings in that track. It was used effectively in the movie, too.

Kagaribi no Hanabira

Have just watched the movie on the night before the midterm exam for my course....lol. Well...it's said that before the exam, students are busy with reading for the exam, and after the exam, teachers are busy with marking the exam...so.. it's my last chance before I become busy...lol.

Melody-wise, none of them is super impressive, but most of them sounds decent. There are some boring tracks, but IMO, it's much better than the first movie and recently, SAO ordinal scale. (My most favourite Yuki works for movie is still PMMM3. It's likely that Lost Butterfly will be the second.)

I prefer 'the flower will bloom' to this new opening theme. It's still nice, and really describes the atmosphere of this movie. Can't wait to hear the live-version of this song!

From now on, it contains some spoiler.

Love all battle tracks except those during Rider vs Shiro fight in the school. It isn't that it's bad, but it really sounds out of place when you watch the scene, like a heroic theme from SAO or sth.

The other battle themes are good, no matter it's Kajiurago or not, especially those from the long fight between Ilya side and Souken side, to the point that I couldn't concentrate on the fight, just gave my all on the soundtrack. It's a long series of exciting and majestic BGMs. They really match the scenes they were played, even though each of them isn't that outstanding. If Yuki did think that a good OST shouldn't overshadow the scene, this time, she absolutely failed! I'll be back for the second watch in the theatre for sure.

Another thing about the battle theme is... why Assassin's battle themes are always so nice....- -"? (Assassin battle theme in FZ, Assassin vs Lancer, and this time vs Archer)

As for the atmospheric background music, really like the song from the scene that Shiro and Rin rushing to Emiya's house, getting a phone call, and back to the school to save Sakura from Shinji. I like some songs during the church scene as well. Overall, I like most of them except those songs when Shiro and Sakura confessed their love to each other. (kinda boring)

There are a bulk of creepy renditions of 'I beg you'. It reminded me of a similar rendition of 'let the stars fall down' from FZ. ('Dream fades before dawn II'?) It seems like this kind of sound is for those contaminated Holy Grails.

The music from Sakura's dream also reminds me of songs from witch world scenes in PMMM. (In sense of their creepiness, not melody.) I love almost all of them. And after that...well...say goodbye (for a while) to my beloved Seki San....what a dazzling death of our golden king... *you know I'm being sarcastic*
(P. S. Seki Tomokazu is my favourite seiyuu, but still....I've never fallen for any characters he dubbed...lol.)

Another rendition I found is that of Believe, when Shiro and Rin clearly showed that they have chosen the opposite choices: save and not save Sakura. It's like showing that from now on, the UBW route and the HF route were completely separated?

My 'I beg you' first listen - can't help imagining Hikaru or Keiko singing this song with their fierce and passionate expression. Joelle or Kaori at live would be nice as well. I like the song. It is so similar to Gaika, but more energetic. Still, some energy and emotion are lack in Aimer's singing. I think she'd do it better in live performance. Up until now, none of her recordings impressed me, only her live performance can give that amazing vibe.

About the movie... I've roughly known about the whole story. But some little detail are interesting, especially those related to FZ. What I wonder is the original Fate series was supposed to be finished before FZ novel was created. But there are many FZ references in this the movie, and I don't know whether they're already in the original Fate series, or later added or modified when they created this movie.

For example, the magic bird that Ilya used to lead Shiro to the battlefield is so similar to the one that Iri used in FZ. There is also the scene when Fujimura told Sakura that Kiritsugu kept going abroad to (try to) meet his beloved one while Ilya was eavesdropping outside the room. And when Shiro tried to kill Sakura, originally, I guess that the scene was made to show that Shiro's choice in HF route is opposite to what Archer took before he became a servant, but when I watched the movie, what I think is it's opposite to the choice that Kiritsugu took in FZ as well.

If nothing is new, I would praise Urobuchi for making FZ blended so smoothly in the FSN universe.

Kagaribi no Hanabira

I was checking Hikaru's twiitter and found some comments about the song
I saw that she's very into HF movie and the song. That may be a reason I think of Hikaru singing I beg you. I wonder would she cover this song if she have a chance to do another live performance.


Lmao that mom took her lesson, to look into plot summary and not judge by the poster. Scary movies have cute girls too, and when on earth will people learn that not all animated works and not all games are for kids ? Animation and graphics is just a type of art and not something always made for toddlers.

Meanwhile i remember a kid much younger than me in a friends family, playing killzone and gta when he was last grade of elementary school 😅

If u are gonna read that text dont read the Caps because they are spoilers !

Kagaribi no Hanabira

It's quite an issue in Thailand when the rate of HF was firstly announced as 20. Don't know what is the international equivalent rate, but it's the only rate that allows the theatres to check ID cards of movie-goers and prohibit them from buying ticket if they're younger than 20. (Other rate are just a warning that this movie is for people who are older than blah blah blah.) Many believe thay it's overrated to rest awareness on negligent parents who basically think that anime is always for kids.

It's changed to pg15 later though. I didn't see underage kids when I went for the movie, but Thailand do have many parents of this kind. Last year, I've just scolded my cousin who let his son, who has just entered his elementary school, watched Evangelion and became addicted to the series. It seems that he didn't care at all... I remember that I watched Eva during my early junior highschool day, and feel that it's a bit too violent at that time. To think that my nephew was just 5-6 years old when he watched it is a bit...


I remember watching Batman Returns when i was around 14 with bro. In the movie its some villain who puts some crazy-making gass in water network and after he did that there were thousand of people screaming etc and from that scene i had nightmares for 3 days for some reason 😅


I was 17 when Mami got her head bitten off and I couldn't shake that image from my head for days. And it's not even that graphic lmao maybe the surprise from such bright pastel colors and the high of "yes she defeated that thing" but she actually didn't got me.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I watched the movie at the cinema yesterday, and I found the music more enjoyable. Not sure why, hue. I still think it's missing hype as fuark songs like the Flower will bloom or Lancer vs Assassin, Shiro vs Rider was way too epic for what was happening (should've been Remi instead of choir), and the heroic track that plays when Archer and Rin crash through the window is still very wtf.


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No I don’t remember this track. It remembers me a bit of this strings arrange track from « I beg you » ‘s climax but that’s not it .

Edit: oh, that’s a HF1 promo. So certainly not Kajiura.
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