Yuki Kajiura to compose for "FSN Heaven's Feel" movies [part III: Spring Song > BD / OST out]


There have been cases in the past where the rest of a track wasn't a pleasant surprise but just a loop of the same lyrics and melody for the rest of the track duration :)


I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
It has begun :)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHDiLw2YuY4 EMIYA

Hmm I think Kajiura bought new synths(during EMIYA part)....Last time she showed her DAW I saw her outdated Heavyocity :comeback:
I'm kinda optimistic for her upcoming projects if ever she add synths now

lol at the people asking four rings XD guess it's the fav of the third part
I'm expecting people to cut the EMIYA part cause that intro is so unnecessary as a stand-alone. Should've separated them in release.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXZdag9fUMs Four Rings
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Emiya track> Pretty boring if you except the cello part. It was main theme strings + classical emiya theme without much change....

the four rings > generic too, even though i d bet its the same set of chorus as in "she was sitting..."

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I mean, it's EMIYA and it's more interesting than most of Kajiura's strings on strings in Fate (like the first half which we heard how many times in Heaven's Feel?).

The other one is eh.


I have reached Yuki nirvana

  1. she is no longer here, main theme prologue with some lost butterfly tension.
  2. the butterfly flutters, the first minute wasn't bad actually. the rest is kinda lazy (particularly the last minute twist) and expected (not the last minute twist lol it really sounds like it skips to another track) but I think it's a better effort than "the butterfly emerge".
  3. that won't do, sweet. very <2004 era.
  4. in early spring, main theme Shaylee. very sweet. me likey.
  5. what happiness is. starts kinda meh but as it continued I got into it.
  6. to the castle, not bad for what it is.
  7. you don't have to act tough, I like how the intro feels like incomplete motifs from previous movies. then turns into rumbling so whatevs.
  8. and he comes back again, next.
  9. despair was pleasure, nothing interesting but should work in the movie so I'm not mad at it.
  10. I kill and I give life, throwback to previous movies despair theme and I kinda like it. the choir doesn't bother me and makes sense too.
  11. why I fight, zzzzz doesn't even feel like a new recording of the theme. EMIYA is EMIYA, sounds good to me.
  12. defeat him and protect her, works for what it is. hopeful.
  13. we still have to go, rumblings.
  14. she tells about the Holy Grail, uneventful but me likey. Kind of the inverse of an invitation/can you save her? from lost butterfly with extra Ocean Turtle/Underworld vibes from Alicization.
  15. in the basement, nice little interlude.
  16. the tale of the Holy Grail, more of 14, a little repetitive but also decently dramatic underscore. me likey.
  17. soon I will come to you, it very easily could've been just rumbling or strings so kudos to Kajiura for not going there. decent background track.
  18. I am all right, throwback to lost butterfly. not much of a track.
  19. once we were here together. hana no uta insert was kind of why but it probably makes sense. the cello parts are very Ocean Turtle/Underworld vibes again for me.
  20. the gate keeper, neverending string phrases and throwbacks to previous movies. could've used some more color after the first minute than just strings and choirs (the brass barely feels there) but I guess it works for what it is. I did feel like skipping through it at times...
  21. she holds the black holy sword, good intro and surefine heroic spirit action track.
  22. the four rings, next.
  23. she came to save you, "Kajiura.mp3". feels kind of weird in Fate but sure.
  24. you were always brilliant, seemingly incomplete old phrases again and then Shaylee Part Deux without any changes really. I liked the first rendition more cause of the cello hype near the end.
  25. her hatred, the start really got me hoping it would EXPLODE. alas... not much of a track.
  26. memory of a card game
  27. are you still telling me to live, decent throwback
  28. I'll protect you from everything, lazy throwback that might as well be the old recording for the first half
  29. he tells about love, more like "he rumbles".
  30. good or evil, not bad, the long crescendo notes felt unusual for Kajiura choirs.
  31. no way to back out ~ I ask you, my foe, another good despair throwback.
  32. I will show you a miracle, an unsurprising finale medley.
  33. Hana no uta -piano & cello ver.
  34. Haru wa yuku

not bad so far TBH
action tracks the worst/unmemorable frenetic strings and choirs/ as expected. or maybe I should replace unmemorable with rehashed from previous movies.

I think I liked it better than the lost butterfly.*

Edit: Done.
I think my opinion is the same as after skipping the camrip.

Do I think it's the most exciting of the 3? No.
Do I think it's the most confident of the 3? Quite possibly so.
* But because of all the throwbacks it couldn't exist without the other two.

I call one motif the despair theme but maybe it should be Angra Mainyu or something else Grail related lol.

I'd grab a standalone OST.
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I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
okok I'm liking what the I hear with other tracks but I prefer she holds the black holy sword than four rings tho.


Any place to download the ost ? HnA lists it at "not available yet, in the next days" unlike the other soundtracks releasing today (I'm especially waiting for Yuru Camp S2 ost). --'
Then it has switched to maintenance mode.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
On relisten, I kind of have to give a +1 to "I'll protect you from everything" 2nd half. Not because I suddenly thought it was great but just because I don't remember Kajiura doing things like that ending before.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Edit: Actually, she did that in "into the battle" in presage flower. It's pretty much the same theme, sans choir, lulz.

Also guessing the brass in "the gate keeper" is synth? Would explain why it's so unremarkable there. Booklet plz.
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kasahara yuri's voice is so weird, so out of place. had the same thought for the previous movie's "buttterfly" (?) themes and it's even more apparent in this ost since the voice is presented more bare. perhaps this is unpopular opinion too. :bow:

compared to wie schon, yuri sounds like that harry potter gryffindor door holding portrait lady here. maybe it's the atonality of it. not sure. can't bring myself to listen to it sorry.

-"believe" returns....again.
-in early spring,,, now that's really soothing. so soft. then what is that screeeeeching sfx? ruined. cut that and the track is perfect. at least there is you were always brilliant.
-and he come back again... NEXT.
-defeat him and protect her... classic, short.
-in the basement... nice sounds but honestly stays as sfx.
-the gate keeper: without the choir, I may have liked it a lot. what's with the dramatic strings crescendo everywhere eh
-four rings: yawn.
-she came to save you: whass this doin here?

she is no longer here & the tale of the holy grail & are you still telling me to live:
they are nothing special but I like them. I think they really work as dramatic background music. especially the creepy butterfly effect on she is no longer here and the chime (triangle?) in telling me to live.


Sailor Yuki
I'll be the bad guy again :(

lol yeah it was years ago haha, I don't know exactly what I find jarring about Yuri here really. I blame Kajiura. I think it's the melody or the lack of it like how Yuri goes high and low I dunno. I mean compare that to her singing in other songs by kajiura and this sounds incredibly inferior to me. whatever blame me if you like :p

on second listens I really enjoy she is no longer here, it's a very atmospheric and story telling-like piece even if the strings is not innovative. also Shaylee's voice is super nice :) I don't remember the other osts but I remember being disappointed by them especially compared to the SAO osts that came out recently but this one has some nice tunes in it. hopes Kajiura ups her game with other projects 🙂


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I'll be the bad guy again :(
Aren't we all "the worst" here on CPMForums? ;p

I totally get not liking the vocal part or how it meshes with the instrumental. I'm not gonna try changing anyone's opinion on that. That's why I only responded to comments on Yuri's voice itself, where I thought it was a bit unfair. ;p

Ya, Shaylee's voice is totemo noice. I wonder if she appears on future OSTs and if it would always be this soothing or maybe something else.
The fact that her tracks got released faster than any of Joelle's is still "amusing" to me.


Maybe it would be good if she introduced her in a totally new project instead of butting her in in an existing one, 3rd movie too. Also i miss Kaori from RHH2 and Yuuka-Yuriko-Hikaru combo from the live.


I like Yuki
I'm liking it so far. It has a very consistent atmosphere and there are a good amount of non string fes tracks. I like how prominent the bass is in action tracks.

So far I'm not bothered terribly by anything.