Yuki Kajiura provides music for Lord El-Melloi II Case Files


Also, @wat11 about they are magicians, maybe you're thinking of room with no window from pripri (since I just listened to it 2days ago)? It's the synth bass that makes this one the cheese I love though.

Violin reminds but its not exactly same, good observation though :) I agree that the beat makes the track delicious :) Funny how the 2 tracks have the exact same duration.


@Kugayama Do you mind taking a good readable pic of the OST credits ?



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How peculiar there was no solo instrument credits, only Kiyo Kido Strings. Should we assume Kiyo Kido for violin solo as on Pripri? Wat about all the cello?!? Kinda shocking they'd not credit that considering how often it appears solo here.

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Well.. it could literally be anyone since they didn't credit them... :p
I just said Kiyo Kido on violin cause she's credited on Pripri and it has that room with no window/they are magicians track (inb4 not a real player on those tracks lol)


^ But it doesnt sound synched either...

Perhaps we can tweet Kajiura about these solo players..

Pretty sure they also forgot the Piano credits, from past OSTs its usually Masato Matsuda that plays
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Not sure since, not even Zaregoto had, but some tracks sounded like they had, like, deep in thought,you were my king, deep in old grief


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v( '')v I just assumed a keyboard. Someone who has better hearing might tell...


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^sorry, did not see that. lol listening now, with my crappy comp speakers. But I like the opening theme so far. Squee lots of good new music!


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I'm way too lazy to post track-by-track reviews so I'll just keep doing short, general ones.

Liked it. Not as good as KnY or Alicization, about as good as HF2. Thought the elegant/high-class sound she was going for with the harpsichord etc. fit the anime perfectly. Hanae rules. Highlight tracks: starting the case, waving goodbye, we call him heartless, they are magicians.

Kagaribi no Hanabira

Haven't listened to the ost yet..., but usually, when they credit Kido Kiyo's string, doesn't it mean any string solo were played by the members who play that instrument in the band? And they might just omit the name of an individual since they already given the name of the band O___O. (In Zaregoto case, there're 2 string bands presenting, so it may be a bit different...)


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-Starting the case: bretty good instrumental OP. I like how it combined three motifs from the show, and all fitted really well with each other.
-Nervous talk: oof baroque deliciousness. Feels very eccentric. I guess it's a theme for the El Melloi family. I didn't expect this track to be longer than the track used for Fate/Go. More baroque inspired music plis. I'm kinda sad that this style wasn't the basis for the show's soundtrack.
-An excellent student: Real nice merry sound. The harpsichord gives it a slight aristocrat touch.
-Deep in thought: This should be Waver's motif, I think. This combination of instruments is such a treat for muh ears. I know the duration is right there on the music player, but it feels like it going to end around 1:12 , but it keeps going and it rewards you with more delicious cello, and oboe.
-The matter is settled, anyway: Oooh once again it's longer than the one used in FGO. I feel like ths captures the whole detective theme better than the OP.
-Well-disciplined classrooms: I really like the cello, and it has a really noice warm feeling, but repeating the whole thing without much variation is kinda eh.
-It was a naff: I learned a new word today~ Bretty nice oboe x clarinet duet. Short but sweet.
-Someone pulling the strings: The type of ambiance I like, listenable ambiance! It actually gets some pretty good development for an ambiance track. That e-gutiar towards the end is bretty cool.
-Talking about nothing: Oof, cozy as fuark.
-Chasing the enigma: Ooh it starts with the synth beep thingy. I've loved that since I first heard the track in episode 0. Bretty good flute solo. Sucks that the tracks ends so abruptly. Should've used the full synth melody to finish.
-Sullenly: I learned another word~ Delicious clarinet. It has a mysterious and eccentric vibe.
-You were my king: Nice and emotional if you liked Iskandar (muh king). I don't mind the strings, but a dramatic piano + cello arrangement would've been more interesting.
-The clock tower: Really nice build up with the harpsichord and strings. I feel like Kajiura from 5 years ago wouldn't have made this noice arrangement.
-A noisy student: Cute, hue. Feels kinda out of place tho.
-I'm so useless: Piano solo would've been better. He's useless, not suicidal hue.
I have found something: Nice ambiance~ I particularly like the drums.
-A small happy ending: I like the flute, but the strings are kinda meh.
-He's always serious, not kidding: Nice, silly arrangement of Closing the case.
-Let us play a game: Sounds like synth dulcimer. It has this otherworldly feel. Rabu rabu it.
-Waving goodbye: The harp is very melancholic. Hanae gives it a nice, ethereal touch.
-An inspection of the case: Pure ambiance.
-A quite and restless place: Synth lute x harp? Quite lovely~
-We call him heartless: Bretty cool. I particularly like the music box in the middle and bells at the end. Hanae's part reminds me of the song Nina.
-Searching for the solution: I'm going to consider this nice ambiance, hue.
-An ominous premonition: Nice arrangement of Waver's theme.
-Anxious bird: Pretty cute version of Hibari.
-The culprit is you: alternate arrangement of Sullenly? It gets pretty cool once the piano starts.
-Bossy people: eh don't really care for it.
-Facing the enemy: Ambiance...
-Now, ladies and gentlemen: It's nice. I was kinda waiting for something cool to happen, like another instrument to kick in, but nothing hue.
-An evil design: Ambiance...~
-A mighty enemy appears: Meh.
-The rail zeppelin: It gets interesting once the drums kick in, but not much hue.
-They are magicians: KUURU. Dat crazy violin, dem beats.
-Let the sadness knock on my door: the cello saves it from just being a simple piano version of Waver's theme. Nice, but nothing interesting.
-The magic power: I think Kajiura needs to calm down with the strings tracks in arabic scales.
-Out of control: Guitar is kewl but ^^^
-No time left to win: I like the percussion~
-Deep in old grief: Does the show really need this many sad tracks? Waver is like the only sad character in the show.
-Depressed and tired: It's nice. At least it's not piano and strings, hue.
-The decision to keep going: It's nice and heroic, but don't acre much for it. It also feels out of place.
-Tender smile, gentle feeling: lovely versionof Hibari. The second half really saved it.
-Closing the case: Ooh nice, it's longer than the ED version. I think I've shared my love of this track back when EP0 was released. Now that there's a clean, longer version I love it even more~
A lot of "nice" tracks in the second disc, hue.
It feels like around half of the soundtrack was composed/written before episode 0, and the other half before the series started. That or a change in sound direction.
I really would've preferred if the main style for the soundtrack was baroque-classic inspired, with a few other styles mixed in.
OH WELL, there's always hope for season 2~ Plis, baroque arias and art songs.


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ASCA will be a guest in Cosplay Mania .

I don't see ASCA there?

Btw, Thanks to Fate franchise I guess :cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer:

First week sale of the OST - 4645 Rank 13


No i think its more because it was standalone release. Most people wouldnt know it was related to fate if they didnt watch it.


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Definitely thanks to being part of the franchise IMHO. I mean why would anyone else be interested in it - the show doesn't offer anything but references to other Fate entries... Having Gray-tan on the cover helps I guess.

Or maybe that's around Kajiura's fanbase now.

I don't know how big the FJ station is right now in Japan but I remember FictionJunction releases pushing around 2500 units at some point so let's say the sales should be around that level... but this is a BGM only OST so would the same people be interested even?
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