Yuki Kajiura provides music for Lord El-Melloi II Case Files


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I may do the same. The only cd I own is Hanako ost 2. This may just be the second one.

and also I love the arrangements and the melody itself. I'm not sure what to make of Hanae's battle bgm it sounded very similar to a Madoka-Hanae track but it wasn't bad or anything.


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in case you'd like to abuse the opening track : https://picosong.com/wKrci

what I love to do in many of Kajiura's songs is trying to listen to the instrument in the background. for instance the strings when the flute is at the forefront and vice versa. because we humans can! even the cello in the beginning. i should have said the cello in the latter strings section part!!
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I dunno, the technobabble was out of control this episode, even by typical fate standards.

Soundtrack is pretty much the only reason I’m watching and even then I’m mostly just interested in hearing the different edits the sound director is doing.


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That, and it was the same story yet again (mage wants to reach the Root/Origin by whatever means) except this time with rats and kids (who I did not find engaging at all). And is literally every little thing going to remind Waver of Iskandar?

I was excited to see Luvia but then she didn't do shit in the episode - maybe in the next one... But it also got me thinking that perhaps she's boring without Sherou and Rin?

Edit: After ep4:
Music still too low.
Maybe if you know literally all the Fate lore (present, past, future and beyond timelines) you get more clues to what's going on rather than just "whodisnewcharacter?"
The mystery/detective aspect is seemingly nonexistent and the "I knew it!" via the detective continues to be a very "meh" experience for me...
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Episode 4: Around 4:10 plays the bgm that the piano part from the beginning of the trailer is from. It has clarinet too,
17:00 ish new bgm with cello and later strings and drums
also first episode with a cliffhanger.

But the cases are kinda boring. Too much family centric i would expect it to have wider mysteries instead
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I enjoyed the longer version of Hanae's action track in this episode. It's still not a successor to Mezame or other tracks of that caliber but I'll take it over anything vocal from SAO or Zero.
Show is still pretty boring to me, not being a Fate-expert. Not sure if I'll continue... :/
And music needs to be louder...


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Yeah it lasts for around 3:30 if it's not looped somewhere. I really like it.
Music definitely needs to be louder... I had some hopes with TROYCA but...


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Yeah it lasts for around 3:30 if it's not looped somewhere.
Pretty sure it was edited around to the scene. Or Kajiura used the same bridge twice...

Anyhow, I really do think they are doing a good job matching the music to the visuals in the show... it's just too quiet... lol.
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there is a very delicious track around 11:00 too.

also the bridge in Hanae's track is so good. but I think it was edited too.

ditto on volume of the music tho.

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Seems like there will be an interview of Yuki Kajiura in the next issue of the Newtype Magazine...

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Unrelated but this cover art is gorgeous.

I’m poor and just use KissAnime but in honesty all I’ve been enjoying off the show is the OST and ED. The first official case, with the astrology, and episode zero were probably the most memorable for me.


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Dobururu post!
Kajiura and Asca will perform at a El-Melloi event next year~