Yuki Kajiura participates in DEEMO THE MOVIE | OST and nocturne EP on Feb 23


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Yes sry wrong shortcut.

EDIT: La Campanella was already covered in the game

Yuki Kajiura is in charge of the theme song and image song(s)
Seems to be exhaustive... then maybe only the song with Aira Yuuki in addition to "inside a dream" (should it be considered as image song? Did she say it before?). The character song and bgms are not image songs so...


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OK I think I'm pretty confident Aira Yuuki song will be composed by Kajiura. Why?
Cause vgmdb listed her name as that but it doesn't mean in official/finalized. Secondly, I don't think they can use her to promote her name in that regard in a Pony Canyon release when she is a Lantis artist(In addition, Madoka used ASUKA-not FJ ASUKA). So most likely Kajiura chose Aira to sing this one but the credit section naming might change to ASUKA I think :)