"Yuki Kajiura Live vol.#17 ~PARADE~" June 18 - Aug 12, 2022 (e+ streaming of Aug12 on Nov 1, 2022)


Sailor Yuki
Yuki Kajiura Live vol.#17 Setlists
No6/18 Tokyo Dome City Hall6/19 Tokyo Dome City Hall
1everyday is a gift"
2the sea is never without a wave"
3vise versa"
4time to sail!"
5take action!"
6what she was here for"
7Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no you na"
9inside a dream"
11inverse operation"
12why did you kill our father?"
13le chasseur"
15Hana no UtaHaru wa Yuku
16I beg youwonderland
17Asa ga Kuru"
18luminous sword"
19stone cold"
20parallel hearts"
21KNY Medley (main theme~to destroy the evil)"
22zodiacal sign"
23sweet songparadise regained
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There are only 6 or 7 songs that I’ve watched the live performances…that would be a very refreshing setlist if I could join..;w;. I like most of the new songs, especially those from Joelle. I expected some more songs from SAO, but it’s better this way..lol.


El Cazador de la Yuki
i am super curious about vice versa and time to sail. and everyday is a gift... what lovely choices from fena. (why did you kill our father? is a strange choice...how did that sound?)

do they sound magical live as they do in the ost?

so envious of you @Justisamuel, eat all the nice stuff too while you're there too. though iirc you visit Japan regularly? anyway have fun!!


Sailor Yuki
i am super curious about vice versa and time to sail. and everyday is a gift... what lovely choices from fena. (why did you kill our father? is a strange choice...how did that sound?)

do they sound magical live as they do in the ost?

so envious of you @Justisamuel, eat all the nice stuff too while you're there too. though iirc you visit Japan regularly? anyway have fun!!
Review is coming but it takes so much time, took so much notes but in the dark and I can't even reread myself :p
Thank you so much ! Had the chance to grab some good visas in 2019 and 2022, but let's see by next year if this can continue... see you there one day anyway.


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I would have preferred fight to the finish instead of time to sail or take action! It would be so cool live. Yeah, I remember taking notes at the Kala live at ACen in the dark.


Roses at her doorstep
I’m surprised Kajiura didn’t go with “if you want to save her” instead of why’d you kill father.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
The setlist is pretty good. I would've changed Take Action! for Fight to the finish. Save Take action for the soundtrack specials.
Also, get rid of Stone Cold already! It's been the hype song of almost every live since it was released. Change it for Nowhere, Ongaku, or Signal. (Whatever happened to "from now on we're performing Kalafina songs" anyway?)


Sailor Yuki
everyday is a gift

nice arrangement but Kajiura's piano is rare so the original is precious.
Very nice opening, slow, lights appear progressively on Kajiura, Konno & Akagi! Yeah, the piano drop at 0:56 is replaced by beautiful flute. Flute until the reprise. Flute again in the last segment, and extra notes in the last 30 seconds.
the sea is never without a wave

Flute, looped twice, but missing the E.G riff
The girls emerge from shadow, it's supposed to be epic but I don't like it as much as in vol.#15 where they appeared on "to destroy the evil". Maybe because the track was part of a coherent medley, here the transition from relaxing to epic is not my cup of tea.
Flute replaces the E.G riff, maybe too loud compared to it, that's less badass. Drums are the same, they could have tried something else.
The track is looped one time, still with flute instead of E.G, although another motif. Should definitely have been E.G, to make more than a simple loop. Final flute note.
MC1Presenting the vocalists. Interesting thing here is that the topics were mostly differents in D1 & D2. D1: I don't remember. D2: I made my own language so you can make your own idea of the events...
vise versa

+ Kaori, Yuriko

+ Percussion
Piano intro before Joelle's first notes, that are now also accompagnied by piano (a capella in original). Kaori joins in the second verse. Yuriko arrives later, maybe in the uplifting part. Kaori doesn't sing in the refrain, and there's no Keiko here. Kaori (or Yuriko?)'s voice was too high-pitched, didn't harmonize well. Percussion added, enjoyable. Ah, as I said before, I wish it was played with a dancer...
time to sail!

Not for the FBM.
No, don't pretend you can do an orchestral track with only the FBM. At most strings playback ok but plz no brass or just hire someone. Looks like she only did the half of the job, because the triumphant brass from 1:00 are missing. If this is for a vocal demonstration, why not.
take action!
Only for a Soundtrack Special.
the drums hit louder in the flute part, which makes it less ridiculous. E.G replaces accordion. Would have prefered the original in a soundtrack special.
what she was here forMini extra piano notes in introduction. Harp playback. Joelle is super accurate, Kaori joins for the highest notes. I think E.G joins but only in the second part, discrete but interesting.
MC2Presenting the FBM. "There is no playback, it's all thanks to them!"
D1: Their recent works?
D2: Any sports? Then about herself she mentions the Tour de France.
Both days: "the new FJ album is not coming any soon"
Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no you na

+ Yuriko, Kaori

Might become one of my favorite live songs and patiently waiting for this new recording.
No guitar, but piano announcing the melody and atmospheric sfx sound. Keiko starts singing in a more high-pitched voice. Yuriko adds her voice to the "subete" but she's off key. Thou shalt be forgiven, droping those notes suddenly looks really difficult. Soon later, the full instrumentation wakes up starting with E.G, drums and violin during all the refrain. Of course Konno follows his own melody. Keiko sings the refrain with her usual voice, reminds me a lot of Houseki. Kaori joins for even lower harmonies. The tone is radically different. There is some Yuriko kajiurago before the second verse. Some weird violin notes as in wonderland between the first and the second part of the second verse. After the instrumental arrangement, the main difference is that Sayuri sang it breathlessly while Keiko took time to deliver long notes. The final is super beautiful with Yuriko singing AH in the following motif "V-- C-- N----, V-- C-- S---- , V-- C-- N----, V-- C-- S----, V-- C-- N--------" and delicious violin. Piano echoes the melody one last time.
Joelle, Kaori
+ Yuriko
Joelle sings the first verse from the back of the stage (dunno why she decided to go there?). Yuriko joins for the harmonies in the refrain. Second verse is Kaori. Flute replaces accordion solo. No Keiko.
inside a dream

+ Yuriko
extra piano notes, about 10 seconds before it begings. The original first verse had mostly no piano, now it's here. In second part, violin added too, some drums and E.G. No cello, so violin covers it in the last notes.
Joelle ofc, and Yuriko. But Yuriko doesn't sing the first "refrain", only helps in the second.

Hanae Tomaru
+ Keiko, Kaori
Hanae Tomaru is perfect. Keiko does a really good job with her low-tone harmonies, without her I would cringe, like hearing Kajiura strings without brass. As said before, percussions are back unlike (?) vol.#7 and vol.#9, re-establishing the ethnic feeling of the track. Kaori arrives later, then drums late in the track. Refrain has all the girls except Joelle who wasn't on stage. E.G and violin solos similar to other versions.
inverse operation

Hanae Tomaru with extra vocals
+ Yuriko, Joelle, Keiko, Kaori
Smooth transition from the previous song without pause. Piano added, introduces the melody. Between 1:36 and 1:50, extra vocals by Hanae with same melody as the introduction. Too bad she fails some notes in D2 just before the flute, I think she didn't in D1. Drumming is still so random, like in those cacophonikajiura tracks. More Hanae vocal during the second flute part, and I think it was Joelle replacing the low pitched descending choir with a higher pitched female vocal. The 5 girls nailed the choir, they reached a rare harmony here.
MC3D1: I don't remember
D2: Saying that the first 3 notes of "inverse operation" are difficult to sing. Talking sport with Hanae.
why did you kill our father?

Hanae Tomaru
+ Kaori, Yuriko
Harp playback. Piano compensates but still. Hanae is joined by Kaori from the second sentence and later Yuriko. Quiet percussion joins in the loop, louder during the climax. E.G a bit louder but faithful to the original. Yuriko doesn't sing the last seconds and no Keiko (& Joelle?).
le chasseur

Hanae Tomaru
Good arrangement
Harpsichord playback, piano does the main notes. No strings playback on Konno's violin, less cringe, more interesting. Percussion is better than simple untz. E.G riff different, more drums with better motif, less beat. Only Hanae here.

Hanae Tomaru
+ Yuriko, Joelle, Keiko, Kaori

One of the best versions?
Direct transition from the previous track. Hanae's doing the intro here, less high-pitched than Yuriko previously, of course Wakana years ago. Crowd clapping before the true beginning. Following the intro, she moves to the back of the stage and the 4 other girls arrive. Keiko and Kaori as the low-tone harmonies. Drums and beat are powerful. Percussion hearible, more than in vol.#1 reprise. E.G riff is less distinct but sadly* similar to vol.#1R, *[because most Mezame E.G riffs used to be differents.] Hanae doesn't miss a note. Joelle goes a capella with the long notes before the violin solo. Like in only vol.#9 (5:43), Hanae delivers a final and heavenly note higher than in the original. In vol.#9 though, that note came from nowhere when it makes more sense now after one more intermediary note.
Might be my favorite version when it comes to the vocals.
I'm still waiting for a new live recording where Keiko yells "Konno Hitoshi!!!" during his solo, like in vol.#4, that was so hype.
Hana no Uta

Piano added in the first verse. No strings playback, it's a real violin here, unlike vol.#16. This one was with drums only iirc, but now there is also percussion. The final has strings playback, why?????? Only Aimer.
Haru wa Yuku

+ Keiko, Joelle
Makes me think that Haru wa Yuku should be executed before Hana no Uta, could do a good medley with the same sentence as transition. 30 seconds extra piano with original melody before it really starts. Joelle does some harmonies during the verse. Keiko does it during the bridge especially at "kawaru kisetsu". Refrain has Joelle & Keiko on harmonies - didn't enjoy them. In the second verse and at the end, "ha ha" vocals are playback and so is harp. No strings playback, real violin.
I beg you

+ Yuriko
"Awaremi wo Kudasai" is delivered quicker than in vol.#16 but still a little bit boring. Percussion added. Still no "ah ah" in the second verse. Yuriko's "lie lie..." isn't super accurate. During E.G riff, she only whispers "I beg you" unlike in vol.#16. Riff is similar to it. I think it was real violin again and no strings playback.

+ Joelle, Keiko
Guitar (?) playback. Joelle & Keiko harmonies, only Joelle during the bridge. Percussions with drums. "wonderland" before the second verse is sung only by Joelle & Keiko. Weird violin notes are well executed but not that much audible. During the loop of the verse after the second verse, Joelle is singing the creepy voice. Drums are very explosive during the violin solo that is faithful to the original. Also at the end.
MC4Presenting Aimer.
D1: talking about her walpurgisnacht tour and her futre plans.
D2: Aimer's sport? Deadlift.
Asa ga Kuru

+ Joelle, Keiko
Cello playback. Bridge with Keiko, Joelle joins its second part. Only Aimer & Keiko during the refrain. Drums hit way more in the second part of the verses compared to the original that has more beat.
I think they need more practice on this song, probably Aimer wasn't available for group rehearsals. "...no zujo ni" was better in D1 than D2
MC5Your are you doing nowadays girls?
D1: Joelle talked a lot about pot plants. Yuriko talked about her new release, but joked about the fact that they had no time to perform it now...
D2: brisk walking, stretching, Keiko & Yuriko talked a lot about their butt (yea yea, still related to those stretching exercises)...
luminous sword

Yuriko, Joelle, Keiko, Kaori
Nothing much to add here, maybe the percussion more present. It's always Kaori who sings the long notes at the end of the sentences.
Real violin.
stone cold

+ Yuriko, Joelle, Keiko, Yuki
Direct transition from the previous track. Classic stone cold with no change I think but just if needed: first part of the verse only Kaori with the other girls for the "cheers" (show me your emotion...). Second part of the verse with everyone except Joelle. Crowd clapping. Kajiura sings after the E.G solo (or I didn't notice her earlier?). At this moment Percussions are unleashed. Drums are really good. Didn't write more details. So good as always.
MC6D1: ?
D2: Kajiura liked musicals and operas, so she created "parallel hearts" and Fictionjunction.
parallel hearts

Joelle, Kaori
+ Yuriko, Keiko

A solid version for a comeback after 7 years (vol.#12), less cringe that it used to be.
Joelle & Kaori lead.
Joelle first sentence alone, second with Yuriko & Keiko but mostly Yuriko. Bridge with Kaori. Joelle leads the refrain with all the other girls doing the harmonies.
Second verse by Kaori, harmonies by Yuriko & Keiko.
Bridge Joelle & Kaori again. Joelle sings the long notes before and after "Doko made yukeba ii no".
Keiko breaks the silence and is joined by Kaori.
Last refrain as described before.
Don't remember enjoying as much the drums in the final violin part as I did with vol.#11.
KNY Medley (voices from the past off vocal~main theme~to destroy the evil)

A classic.
Ah, I wish this can be released as a video one day. This is such a beautiful medley. So much memories from 2019 here... Keiko has even more confidence singing the ethnic vocals. Too bad most of the instrumentation is playback here. I wish the drums arrangement in the first part of "to destroy the evil" wasn't that cacophonic as in the original. Love it how it directly switchs from 1:42 to 2:22, there's no break! Epic choirs. Extra Flute plays during the last minute, as in vol.#15.
zodiacal sign

Yuriko, Joelle, Keiko, Kaori, Yuki
same version as vol.#15 and vol.#16 (different intro, percussion solo, fute solo). Kajiura was so confident singing standing. At the opposite Kaori was sitting on the stairs during the flute solo wtf. Transition to flute solo was smoother that it was with vol.#16 during an embarassing silent. Rie isn't that much on crack and this version is closer to vol.#15 thanks to the percussions throughout the whole track.
I'm still not sure with this version of zodiacal sign, because even with 1 min extra and 2 solos I miss the more bombastic vol.#4 (2:20~2:43).
MC7zodiacal sign was the first song she wrote in Kajiurago (?).
sweet song
+ Yuriko, Joelle, Keiko
Kaori lead, everyone doing the harmonies.
paradise regained

+ Yuriko, Keiko, Kaori

Ehm, I did prefer Wakana's dramatic voice in this song.
Joelle sings alone the first part.
Then everyone after the solo violin.


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the sea is never without a wave could be nice with everyone singing not sure.

weelllll if a certain someone is getting an accordion guy, she can perform romantic battle !

time to sail! without brass is... no. actually my question was somewhat rhetorical since I don't think time to sail fits the usual Kajiura live scheme.

though vice versa may have fit. a ballerina is needed for sure. that would be awesome because whenever I play I actually think of ballet (Fena is to blame).

everyday is a gift as an opening is FANTASTIC choice. lovely piece of music. @Justisamuel did you spot cameras the next day? there is july lives so not all is lost xD also i assume still no physical meaning of "parade" right?
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Sailor Yuki
everyday is a gift as an opening is FANTASTIC choice. lovely piece of music.
It is, but I didn't like the transition to "za shi izu neva uidaoutto a ueva". Of course they have to introduce the girls but how about an intermediary piece such as "take action!" here and not later?

@Justisamuel did you spot cameras the next day? there is july lives so not all is lost xD
I didn't spot cameras but I might be wrong. Anyway yes, July and August lives.

also i assume still no physical meaning of "parade" right?
Maybe they ll film one of the day with the new girls so that they can use it for the FJ album promotion too
Just imagined shuri & LiSA as secret guests so we can have a full promotion of the album ^^

Also, "fight to the finish", "the crimson gauntlet" and "find your sword in this land" are the kind of pieces I'm still waiting to hear live and extended like "she has to overcome her fear" was!

Hayden K.

I like Yuki
UGH, I’d just LOVE to hear Fight To The Finish live!! Hopefully with some Keiko.

And I’m fairly uneducated here — when was Vise Versa supposed to include a dancer!? That’d be HEAVENLY! I wish I could do it (like two years ago). And I hope and pray that we get some cameras . . . I did forget about the August session(s?), there may still be some way . . .
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UGH, I’d just LOVE to hear Fight To The Finish live!! Hopefully with some Keiko.

And I’m fairly uneducated here — when was Vise Versa supposed to include a dancer!? That’d be HEAVENLY! I wish I could do it (like two years ago). And I hope and pray that we get some cameras . . . I did forget about the August session(s?), there may still be some way . . .