Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#16 ~ Sing a Song Tour 2020 ~


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I thoroughly enjoyed this live. super good performances overall.

Houseki *sniff :( so good....

I really don't care for Gaika or Aimer. Aimer's voice is... no. sounds like full of glottal fry to me. sorry just not my thing.

loved stone cold. so fun.

Joelle on the other hand hmmm thumbs up. ehhe Rie was out of breath for one split second in zodiacal sign but super duper throughout. loved the drum in zsign.

mezame is never right without hanae, sorry yuriko.

maybe tomorrow is also so good. I almost said "isn't that right .... " at the end. Xenosaga died but Kajiura still uses the ending song in her lives, *sniff. and I think it's fitting end to the live.

the setlist still suffers lack of variety. they did a very good job though. Joelle saying thank you is so cute:)
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Went back to Hitorigoto since I dozed off on it last time. It was very pretty. I liked it.


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I want to like Hitorigoto live but the best part of Hitorigoto live was the Yuriko Keiko engrish section from the elemental live tour and that part is absent now. I really liked the contrast between Yuriko's and Keiko's voice.

Btw is it just my new speaker or did the harmonies on some part sound really... distant or drowned? Joelle's voice especially got drowned very often. Maybe it's the rerecording though, idk.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Btw is it just my new speaker or did the harmonies on some part sound really... distant or drowned? Joelle's voice especially got drowned very often. Maybe it's the rerecording though, idk.
Not you. I think they are just mixed with playbacked original Aaaaaahs and selected other kajiurago backing vocals. Or maybe those were mixed in later who knows. v( '')v


Btw is it just my new speaker or did the harmonies on some part sound really... distant or drowned? Joelle's voice especially got drowned very often. Maybe it's the rerecording though, idk.
Yea i noticed too that she had an expression like trying very hard to sing loud and yet i couldnt hear her voice 😅😥


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I was so disappointed in the live that I didn't even type down my impressions hue. Might as well since I'm relistening.

-Beginning: pretty nice overture. Keiko is singing in a lighter tone BUT it fits the song so it's fine. Almost didn't recognize Joelle's voice when she started singing. One of her few solo lines in the concert hue. She and Keiko sound good. Kaori is a little too pushy. Yuriko's new part is lovely. Surprised that it didn't have violin like in the Saeko Chiba live.
-Kioku no mori: Keiko fits the verses so good. Yuriko's solo is gut gut. Kaori is once again pushing too much ree.
-Distance: No Joelle on refrain? Really? Eh, well Kaori fits the dramatic tone of the song so no biggie.
-Fields of hope: big nope from me. Kaori doesn't fit the tone of the song at all. Well, she starts fine singing all breathy, but once she starts pushing and sounding all dramatic pop diva ballad ala Calling/Michiyuki, it's completely ruined. Should've been Keiko or Joelle. On the bright side, Joelle sounds very pretty singing her parts. That high "fields of hope" was delicious.
-Houseki: is houseki. Next.
-Gaika: Joelle is not bad, but would've sounded better if she darkened her tone. Kaori on refrain is nope. Should've been Joelle singing in either mixed or head voice for an extra haunting tone. Yuriko's parts are fine. Joelle sounds extra fine on the second verse.
-Moonlight melody: the extra flute is cute. Other than that is another good performance of the song.
-Hitorigoto: I prefer Keiko in the vol 11 performance. She's too light here. The rest of the performance is good. Rie still nails that delicious solo.
-Yakusoku: Even though Kaori fits the song and she sounds fine through the performance, I'm already tired of her hue.
-Hana no uta: Bretty good performance, though there's seems to be a weird disconnect when Aimer starts using vibrato.
-I beg you: For a moment I thought the intro would have a new arrangement hue. Aimer sounds good but out of breath at times. Yuriko and Kaori are pointless here hue. Like, they didn't even sing the Lie lie la la. Also, the volume of their mics is way low.
-Wonderland: very good, once again. Keiko and Joelle are barely audible, but Joelle sounded good in the bridge.
-Haru wa yuku: No complaints from Aimer. Why didn't Joelle and Keiko sing the "hah hah"s through the song? Like, wtf.
-Eternal blue: oh boy, more Kaori.
-Stone cold: oh boy, more Kaori. At least it sounds better than the bootleg... for obvious reasons hue.
-Yume no tsubasa: oh boy, more Kaori.
-Mezame: Overture sounds like a collection of all Kajiura sfx hue. Still don't like that Yuriko and Joelle don't sing together on the second part of the refrain. Main melody SHOULD have more emphasis. Keiko didn't need Kaori's help at all. Oh and still don't like Yuriko's intro.
-Zodiacal sign: No complaints here. Rie's energy is awesome. Shame the rest of the girls don't share that energy. Well, Joelle does a little.
-Maybe tomorrow: oooh finally a clean version of Joelle's version. It's even more expressive than the bootleg. Good performance to end the concert.

Well, that was disappointing. I don't hate Kaori, but I'm not really interested in a Kaori-led concert. And I'd like to know Kajiura's logic for turning FJ songs into Kaori songs.

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Re: fields of hope

i agree @Lorde-Kowz - Kaori’s tone doesn’t match the original’s at all, I don’t feel ANY melancholy. She turns the ballad into something sweet and I’m not here for it. It’s supposed to be a relatively sad song but she makes it feel like spring.

I thought I would be happy with a Kaori-led live considering how I felt Vol 11 was very Wakana heavy and vol 1 reprise was basically a Joelle-led one whereby old English covers previously covered by Kaori were taken over by Joelle; but man she was too prominent on this one. I BARELY heard Yuriko on melody like wtf. Now I’m pissed.