Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#16 ~ Sing a Song Tour 2020 ~ (June-July 2021)+ FJC Talk Mini Live (March-April 2021)


I adore Yuki
The dresses are all ugly except Keiko's lol

edit: Kaori's isn't bad, I just had a feeling that she had this exact same dress design before, only the color is different.
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Considering it's a Talk and Live kind of thing I expected them to dress a lot more casual hue.
Wait nvm, just uploaded the second pic. Keiko, Hikaru, and Yuriko and dressed more formally than the rest.


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I adore Yuki
Not ugly just more plain.

Speaking of dresses i dont even remember when was the last time Kajiura wore a skirt 😮

The ones next to Yuriko are Ayaka Jomoto and Joelle ?

Kaori's dress is recycled from i don't remember which live but hey at least it doesn't look bad. Yuriko's dress is fugly, how come her dress has two waist lines AND NONE OF THEM ARE ON HER WAIST, I feel so bad for Joelle because they don't even try with her dress. It's basically one big sheet with holes for head and arms. It's straight, tubular, and really not flattering. She also got the cheapest material with the dullest color. Kinda reminds me of the old days because Wakana also almost always got the worst/the most plain dress. I don't get the point of Keiko's sleeves but at least they don't ruin the dress. The neck part with see-through/skin colored material does kinda bother me though. Should've used the same color as the sleeves or if they insist on that upper part, just get rid of the sleeves.

Hmmmm Keiko's still wearing that cross necklace.
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Hayden K.

I like Yuki
What? Where are the two waistlines? Her dress is made in the old style to basically be worn with a bustier/corset, which is technically a waistline in itself. My God.


I adore Yuki
nah, it's not. i'd appreciate the dress much more if it's a bustier gown, or if she wore an actual bustier but it is not. first, that dress is one whole dress which means it's not a top and a bottom/a skirt. and it's not a bustier top because hello the blue part doesn't actually cover the boobs and doesn't do anything to make her top body looked flattering, which is one of the actual reasons why people wore bustier. the blue part of her dress starts on a very high waist, which technically makes it the "first" waistline. it is kinda too high to be high waisted but not right below the boobs either to be empire waist. this in itself already bothers me.

the lower part aka "the skirt" part starts flowing right on her hips, giving the allusion of the second waist line on her hips and that also bothers me. if the dress doesn't have that creme colored top/ the designer makes it all blue i'd have much less problem with the dress, or perhaps just makes the flowy part and the blue part start on her actual waist rather than having that cinched but not too cinched blue middle thingy.


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Correct me if I'm wrong but some changes right?
Not sure about dates but Hikaru and Aimer on some lives from previous are different now.
and btw:

Last date could possibly the usual many special guests that should be announced at later date so be on a lookout. If possible, maybe LiSA now cause their finale live last time coincided with her tour? so she's not available that time. But since rhona, they might restrict it to usual line-up...

On another note, I tried searching on how YORKE do his paintings on lives if anyone is interested:

If they will take the same format on how OLDCODEX works, they will prob. put boards on both sides of the stage. It MIGHT not be suuperr appealing on recorded videos but watching on live must be nice. But paintings on a soundtrack lives huh :ayashii:


I eat sleep and breathe Yuki

Basically the prefectures they mention here will be on state of emergency until the last day of May. I know the lives will start in June but delay/postponement MIGHT happen. again.

And from what I understand here, big music companies wanted to continue the activities with proper rhona guildelines.

So up to the government for now then....


How is the castle connected to the word "soundtrack"? That L is the greek Λ (lamda) letter thats pronounced the same as L. Idk in what language V is like 6.


I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
The castle obviously represents Kajiura being a supreme Queen!

And those "letters" are "16" (From Vol. 16) but done in a fancy way lol

Looking at those.....looks like a fairytale-styled theme lives then? :ayashii: