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Yuki Kajiura Live VOL 15 (KEIKO is Back! + AIMER guest on Aug 11,16 + Taiwan, HK, Shanghai tour)


Mostly because of Aimer x Keiko (8/11 & 8/16).
There's still seats remaining for the first concert with Keiko only (6/28).

Oh rly, Hikaru posted a tweet about the concerts ? Is there any chance that she's a secret guest ??
She's been tweeting about them since they were announced. I highly doubt that though lol


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Maybe she is going to buy more tixx?? If she has been unpersoned by the YK crew, it would explain that she wont' get preferential ticket access.




LIVE 「Yuki Kajiura LIVE TOUR vol.#15 ~The Junctions of Fiction 2019~」追加公演決定!!

6月28日(金)市川市文化会館を皮切りに開催される「Yuki Kajiura LIVE TOUR vol.#15 ~The Junctions of Fiction 2019~」の、追加公演が決定いたしました。
「Yuki Kajiura LIVE TOUR vol.#15 〜The Junctions of Fiction 2019〜」
お問合せ:インフォメーションダイヤル 03-5793-8878 (平日13:00-18:00)
梶浦由記 (Piano・Chorus)
KAORI (Vocal) , KEIKO (Vocal) , YURIKO KAIDA (Vocal) , Joelle (Vocal)
是永巧一 (Guitar) , 佐藤強一 (Drums) , 高橋“Jr.”知治 (Bass) , 今野 均 (Violin) ,
赤木りえ (Flute) , 中島オバヲ (Percussion) , 大平佳男 (Manipulator)
<Guest Vocal>

チケット料金:全席指定¥7,560 (税込) ※未就学児入場不可


FictionJunction Station members can apply for tickets for the 17 August concert from today, Monday May 13, 2019 15:00 until Sunday May 26, 2019 at 23: 59 JST.


How stupid is it to hope that this will be filmed in some way? I just have missed keiko so much I want to see herrr
I'm so upset lmao, I'm studying abroad in Japan all of next yr starting from this September so if only I arrived one month earlier I could probably try and go :(


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I hope she puts some new pieces on the setlist cuz I'm real tired of seeing the same stuff over and over again.

I know she's hasnt written many new vocal tracks, but there are so much from her backlog that she could do.

Off note: I'm always surprised she hasn't performed Sis Puella Magica more considering how popular Madoka was. I really like the live arrangement she did in vol7 and it'd be great if we could get a clean version of that on the eri day.


I like Yuki
Oh, there's Remi on the 17th August concert ! Considering it's a song concert, will she be performing only the back-vocals, the choirs... or a song ? Was there any song with Remi ? Maybe I should really consider to go there also.

I mean, I just came back from the Family Mart where I paid my ticket for 6/28 but I could just throw it to the bin if I manage to buy a ticket for the Key Orchestra Concert, happening the same day.