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Yuki Kajiura Live VOL 15 (AIMER guest on Aug 11,16 + Taiwan, HK, Shanghai tour)


I have reached Yuki nirvana
What if you're a Taiwanese fan and want to attend the limited tour? Slightly confused about it, do you think it will be possible or is the price fixed and has to include the plane tickets from Haneda?
Definitely considering going to the Taiwan live though.
I think that's for the FJClub members that want to go to the whole tour. From what understood, they get to meet the band members, attend rehearsals, n stuff like that.


Roses at her doorstep
Update (sold)

I have one extra ticket for Jul 20 Osaka live available at original price 8,000 yen (all included). Please PM me if you are interested.
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I like Yuki
This time Yumi and I will send flowers on behalf of CPM to Osaka venue.
As always, thank you so much, @Smiley and Yumi! :bow:
I was kindly invited to draw for the flower stand again~

(this time I've also squeezed quite a lot of Kajiura elements into it w)
(and I was so touched to have found out that the colours on my little train correspond exactly to the YKL15 logo *cries*... this drawing was done a month ago)

That extra ticket offered by Smiley was mine. I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could take it. Please send my love to Osaka for me!
Thank God I'll be able to go to the Hong Kong LIVE though. :idol:

- from mushi🐛 who crawls behind cpm's bushes everyday without making a noise


I like Yuki
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cuteeeeeee
Thanks Hime-san! ^_^

I love it too 😍 even though the purple YK logo is kinda standing out
Thank you George! The logo colours will appear less sharp when they are printed (due to RGB to CMYK issues). But I may consider editing a bit~

@Caterpiendante have you applied to be the official FictionJunction/Station artist already? Fingers crossed you'll get asked...
:sparkleguy: How flattering, Gruntii-san, thank you. However 🐛 knows she needs to learn much more before even dreaming about that!
But I wonder if one can apply for FJS jobs by merely approaching relevant companies, and whether or not it's possible to get fished out of the pool if one have enough influence on the internet...