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Yuki Kajiura Live VOL 15 (2019)


Roses at her doorstep
I don't really have a clear answer for that. Even though she is attached to several 'successul' works in the past decade like SAO and Fate stuff, I would say her career stagnated and became sidelined into Kalafina. Comparatively, early on she was attached to many trademark titles which were hallmarks of the "American anime boom' of the early 2000s, and her unique and distinct style also blossomed around that time. I can't blame people for not searching who the composer of SAO is since most of the music is boring enough to drive your average bookstore peruser into a coma. Additionally, people searching 'Kalafina' probably aren't as keen to be obsessed with Kajiura as we were who began as her fans. That's why I'm a bit worried now with her new works not showing much distinctness (channeling grunty).


I adore Yuki
Ehem.....I'm not sure if the invited guest/s indicated here will show both the same day or something but there's a high chance Aimer will prob.in it considering her latest work involvement. 2 songs + cover will be fine for a special guest :)

If the flying dog anni will have a reunion with see-saw, well you might expect something lol
Hmm would be wild if she brought new singer since she had many works before the concert
Please be Keiko ktnx.
^ we thought it would be a reuniion on KajiFes and there wasnt so why will there be in Flying Dog event ? YK and Chiaki have met on same events other times before, yet nothing happened again. Its good they still watch eachother's lives though.