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Yuki Kajiura and Go Shiina to compose for Kimetsu no Yaiba(鬼滅の刃) by ufotable - Starts April 2019 [update PV with bgm out!]


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yes I mentioned randomness in the musical sense not in the context of the anime. The notes seem random, misplaced, misjudged, abused, not well taken care of.

Look at communication breakdown, Salva nos choirs. and compare them to what we get nowadays.

anyways this is really a trend. hopefully it will change, and I can see it change, with time.
^ yup definetely not Kajiura in there, not even kajiurago :) seems like their split the work rather than work on the same tracks together.


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Sounds like another combo of their styles. There’s nothing particularly un-Kajiura about that track to me.


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Nothing Kajiura about it to me either.
I've no idea what makes that "Go Shiina"sound tho so... lol.
Could be the OP/ED song for all I know.