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Yuki Kajiura and Go Shiina to compose for Kimetsu no Yaiba by ufotable - [update: YK OST bundle announced + credits out]


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I'm going to watch this show now. My opinion of the music after that will invalidate the meaningless banter contained the past two pages. Keep rationalizing the downfall of YK and FJ - real NEETs shed no tears.

Verdict; Music was fitting but I noticed when YK parts began from the ultra-tired and boring string arrangements. At least the Shiina part seemed to be a little bit novel and period-inspired. The vocal chant thing was so faint that you can't make out anything of it.

LiSA; bad/annoying singer with too much confidence, being an SAO OP singer is like graduating from clown school but still I gave her a chance.
OP and ED songs both tired/bad. YK seems to have phoned it in. I hope in the end She will be able to recyle a couple of songs from this OST for her lives in the summer or w/e, presuming there is at least one good thing in there.

Getting sick of the YK cycle of boring OSTs. I don't really blame her though because innovation in the anime itself has faltered. The animation is pretty glorious though.

Verdict; YK still faltering. ::puts on BD of Live Vol. 4 from 2009 to keep the hope alive:: (thats about 10 years now, damn son. Konno's violin playing was way more genki at this live as well if anyone noticed).
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(I feel guilty if I don't contribute to any posts while being active here) :ohoho:

I think I hear "Believe" more than "Ring Your Bell". Maybe it's just me.
*shakes hand* I thought I heard 'believe', especially in the first few seconds or so. The later part was bearing similarities to 'ring your bell' certainly, but it also reminded me of 'synchronicity' and 'dreamscape' - like a lightweight/watered-down version of them.

I have to admit, although I did feel frustrated hearing Yuki using those typical strings and drums, I was glad that LiSA didn't sound as piercing as I thought she would be. I really don't like LiSA's voice... :hide:
I still have some hopes for the full version. Indeed the melodies appeared so far seemed to be not very promising, but I found, at least, the rhythm and chorus arrangement gave me a little FJ KAORI vibe.

Back to the background music - I did not want to think like @sora , but I am starting to surrender to that idea. Yuki had said on twitter that most of her work would be used in the first few (I guess not more than 5) episodes. If my memory does not fail me, I have the impression that up till now there are only three to four instrumental songs written by her which are not Chiaki-involved, and all of them carry the same main melody, be it fast or slow.

Go Shiina styles and Kajiura styles are distinguishable yet fit together quite well. That's good. (*^-^)b
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So they release the YK and Go Shiina musics separetely ?

If only rearrangements of the main melody show up this is gonna be boring. And i do remember that some cases they waste whole disc for like 8 tracks
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If only rearrangements of the main melody show up this is gonna be boring. And i do remember that some cases they waste whole disc for like 8 tracks
lol, there's bonus discs with just 2 bgms.
But they normally don't call those an all out original soundtrack volume...

Actually scratch that. Captain Ass's last 2 tokutens had 3 BGMs each (+radio shows) and were called OST3 and OST4.
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Today's episode had zero Kajiura music. I wonder if it was Ufotable or Go Shiina who decided to invite Kajiura to write a few tracks.
I'm guessing ufotable considering they include her in nearly all of their works, be it through ost or op/ed. I've gotta say it's pretty weird that Kajiura got a co-composing credit considering how little she seems to have done on this soundtrack. It makes me wonder exactly what Ufotable pitched her when they brought her in.
Enclosure again. Aniplex in a nutshell:

enclosure enclosure enclosure SAWANO enclosure SAWANO enclosure enclosure enclosure enclosure SAWANO SAWANO enclosure enclosure

the guy will have Kabaneri, Promare, Kill la Kill, Shingeki no Kyojin, Nanatsu no Taizai, Thunderbolt Fantasy and probably more released as standalones this year. Everyody else: enclosures. BUT WHY ???

(Ok, let's not deviate from the topic)

This new, and the 26 episodes' official announcement confirm Kajiura's poor involvment in this soundtrack, and the totally lack of any collaboration with Go Shiina. But with details of instruments ( https://vgmdb.net/album/86128 ), we can still expect to hear her work beyond episode 5 (no Electric Guitar in the first 5 episodes... as I can remember..?)
Yes, definitely surprising. I'm also wondering who are these VGMdb guys and how they get the credits... is it some official website or what ?

And "Gurenge / LiSA" will ship alone, so we'll have a separate FictionJunction single in the stores soon, unless it ships only as digital.
I would like it to be 2-3 songs at least ..!
EDIT: but Gurenge ships as digital only so..
^ You 're probably right :)

I watched ep 3. Damn endless narration! I have seen other anime where people keep diaries, but why he has to read all of it =_= I wonder if they did it to save budget from animating mouths 😅 these masks probably serve the same purpose.

Iloved the bgm before the eye-catch (12:51)
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