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Yuki Kajiura 2nd Solo Album - FICTION Ⅱ


Yuki is lord of heaven and earth
Long time no see JVC,XD

http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/-/Information ... .html#news

2011年3月30日 待望の梶浦由記ソロアルバム“FICTION Ⅱ”リリース決定!
収録曲はゲーム「Xenosaga」やテレビアニメ「エルカザド」「パンドラハーツ」等のサウンドトラックに収録されたEmily Bindiger等、ボーカル曲に加え、書き下ろし新曲(5曲)及び未発表曲(1曲)を加えた全13曲を予定。ニューヨークと日本の第一線のミュージシャン、ボーカリスト、エンジニアが織りなす、最高の“音楽”を是非ともご堪能あれ!
five new songs + one unreleased song
Total:13 songs


I have reached Yuki nirvana
That's probably "Call my Name".

5 songs is good, considering she might rearrange songs like in the previous one.


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
btw i find that Yuki is rarely use Keiko in her solo works.. :ayashii:

she usually use Wakana and Yuriko for chorus :ayashii:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
guessing the vocalist line-up?? :ayashii:

Emily Bindiger, Yuri Kasahara, Yuriko Kaida, Eri Itou, Hanae Tomaru, Wakana :ayashii:

Nick Hunter

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Oh boy. I daydream a lot about what Yuki might release this year or that year, but... THIS IS THE VERY FIRST TIME MY DAYDREAMING HIT THE MARK! :fwa: :sohappy: :XD: Especially amusing, since I thought about it recently after listening to "Please Call My Name" for the first time. :XD:
Too bad there are no traces of Tokyo Revelations so far (maybe Yuki still hops for a new release for which she could write enough tracks to compile a real OST... although I wouldn't count on it. :cry: From the look of the things, P.I.G. has completely dumped Tsubasa and is obviously getting bored of xxxHolic :uh..: ). But new songs will be awesome, and there might be cool new versions again. :dote: Not to mention the possible idea of releasing promoting this album in the USA (with a performance, like the last time :nosebleed: ). Although if that WILL be the case, I hope the US release will get DECENT advertising (at least give it some radio rotations, dangit!) and won't undergo any cuts. :knife:


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Well, it is most probably Please Call My Name. It would be really an epic fail if it was Sweet Song or Maybe Tomorrow :XD:
I personally wanted more Hanae.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
As much as I love Bindiger, I wouldn't mind this album having few songs by her. I want more from the others.


Dripping with Kajiura
5 new songs
everytime you kissed me
I reach for the sun
unreleased song aka please call my name

9 songs. +3 for Xenosaga! (maybe tomorrow, sweet song, the image theme of Xenosaga II). +1 ???



Nick Hunter

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+1. That song is unkajiura u_Ú
Quite Kajiura to me. And if you mean the performance, it's decent. Listen to the original version of Tsuki no Curse, if you want to be disturbed (at least, Kaori Hikita revitalized this song to an extent later, but I still wish there would be a FictionJunction cover).

Anyone wants a certain Fion singing??
YES! :nosebleed: :shy:


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I agree with NickHunter that Maybe Tomorrow is Kajiura, but just like he said, its performance is decent. As for the song itself, for me it was likeable, but nothing more than that. But maybe the fact that it seemed a bit out of place in Xenosaga's ending made me like it even less :XD:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
This is awesome news. I do really wish for that song from Tsubasa Revalations, but it still looks to be a good cd. I am hoping for more like red rose, since I really loved it. Thanks for the info elcazador! :sohappy:


I'm quite impressed about this one. Yeah Yuki singers are truly good but the greatest thing is Yuki herself so a another solo album is just wonderful.

But I want a bit more of Emily if possible
To think about new songs composed without any specific singer/ost restriction is gorgeous.

Also I tihnk it is not a concidence that fion name were revelated not too much time ago so I think It may be a Fion song

And forget America, it is Europe time :sparkleguy: