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https://chat.canta-per-me.net/ dies every so often. Upgrades have proven to be difficult, with the Candy Chat project changing hands.

@Kerahna Ran the idea of replacing it with a discord server this afternoon. I've started to look into it.

Possible Cons:
  1. You need to create a discord account to use it, if you don't have one - so anonymous chatting goes away.
  2. You would also need a Discord client. There is one you can download for most platforms, or use the web client - https://discordapp.com/login - but not one that lives on the canta-per-me.net server.
  3. Maximum 50 custom emojis. Chat has 80 now.
Possible Pros:
  1. Even if all of canta-per-me.net goes down permanently, chat stays up. (Not planning on it, but hey)
  2. We don't have to worry about chat security.
  3. You could stay connected to canta-per-me.net discord & catch up on conversations you weren't there for.
  4. Yes, you should still be able to set a custom nickname for our discord server.

Warning: There is no official server to join yet. Please don't try to make one. We don't need another Facebook "cpme Onion club". https://chat.canta-per-me.net/ when and if there is an official one.


How many people already have Discord?

Are there any strongly opposed to doing this?


I use discord regularly anyway so that could work. Keep forgetting chat exists here on CPM.


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I think we, the regular users, mostly wouldn't mind. But the process of having to create a Discord account for chatting at some new unknown place might be deterring for new users.

Personally I don't use Discord, but I might as well.


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I have a Discord which I pretty regularly use so I wouldn't at all be opposed to this!


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I also have Discord, though I don't use it all that often. I wouldn't be opposed to it at all- it would be more accessible for me :). I always forget there's a chat on this site :XD:

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I've used Discord and disliked it, so I'm not thrilled at it. However, one major reason I oppose it is that some of our chat regulars are in circumstances where they cannot use such programs - one of ours cannot use gtalk, Skype WhatsApp, etc., because her family is extremely strict about them. CPM chat as it stands is just barely acceptable to them - and that took a lot of appeals to make happen. A switch to Discord-based might mean she's no longer able to join us.


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I'm pretty much neutral with this- even if was changed to a discord instead of our current chat server, I probably wouldn't use it very much anyway (as is currently the case with the current chat server). I think @Black Sword has a lot of good points to consider, especially because nearly all the times I have used it I've seen him on there (his opinion >>> my opinion)


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Excuse my ignorance, but how do you join a discord server >.<

When I press "open the app" on the link @Sudrien posted nothing comes up even though I have the app downloaded...


@Westkana I used chromium in incognito mode to open chat.canta-per-me.net and was redirected and followed the registration process, which includes responding to an activation email.


First, thanks @Sudrien for taking the time to do numerous maintenance for chat, and for setting up our Discord server. :bow: After nearly a full day of using discord, here're some of my thoughts:

General impression:
It looks pretty neat so far, lots of extra features. But tbh, I still prefer the old chat :TdT: My biggest issues are with the onions, which I believe is one of the greatest features of CPM chat. In fact, it is the 2nd most important reason I'm still staying with CPM and chat. (the most important one is ofc many ppl in this community)
My 2nd concern is that due to personal and/or technical issues, some ppl might lose access to chat. This is a complicated issue so I'm hoping can have a little time (like a few weeks) for them to try and sort it out, if possible.

Ok, onto the chat's features:

  • Connection on chat seems a bit more stable. Nobody got kicked out accidentally so far.
  • Works much better for those on mobile.
  • Users can change to idle, busy & invisible modes
  • /nick and /me can still be used
  • Some interesting extra features (reaction to reply, different text modes etc.)

Cons & possible suggestions:
  • Onions don't animate at all :cry: Plus, some onions are at a weird state. E.g. the :white: onion became:
    I know this is likely not a solvable problem unless maybe we install some kind of bot that allows gif emoticons, and there isn't any yet that I've seen. Regarding the weird states of the onions, we can reupload more appropriate pictures as the emoticons for some.
  • Gifs can't autoplay. I know this is more of a discord problem, but this also means posting gif onions won't have the same effect as that in the old chat. :spotlight:
  • Essential onions are missing. E.g. the :hi: and :sohappy: onions. Irrc, we used to have a smaller "package" of onions b4 we switched to candychat. Can we just use that again first so u don't have to check which ones are more frequently used @Sudrien ? Maybe later chat users can suggest more onions to add to the list.
  • Some codes to "call" the onions (i.e the :something: thingy) are a bit odd. E.g. :bow: becomes :bow~1: I understand that they clash with discord's own emoticons, but can we change the text a bit so users on mobile can type them more easily? E.g. we can change them to :bow1: or something. Perhaps @Kugayama can give us some suggestions :-)
  • Onions can't be used in pm. This is my biggest problem with discord. And since they want us to buy discord nitro, this is gonna be tough to solve :cry:
  • Seems like there's no option to clear chat. This is not an important feature unless sb spams chat with, say, pics of Keiko's abs :XD: Solved. Admins can clear chat.
  • Chat will be problematic to log in from public places. As @yuki.n pointed out, the whole login process takes like 5 minutes but imagine doing it multiple times a day from, say, a computer in one's school library. I'm sure it would be quite a hassle, but this is a rare occurrence anyway. Solved.
  • Would be nice to turn on option for posting pictures, as suggested by some users.
  • Lastly, this is more of a suggestion: @Sudrien could you help me pin this thread and have a brief explanation of some text functions? (i.e how to write in bold, italic etc.) Or just pin this.
That's all I can think of so far. Sorry for the long post :bow: I just wanted to make my points clear. :bow:
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Discord is still in beta as well, so they're slowly adding more functions.

As for italics etc it's generally adding a symbol either side of the word you want affected. Saying *wakashark* would show up as wakashark for example.
Some notes:

  • Animated gifs are not animated in Discord because recently people have been trying to trigger people with photosensitive epilepsy.
  • It might be possible to set up a bot/web client setup ( https://titanembeds.tk/about ) to set up anonymous chatting. It would still be Discord-based, and the discord client would be preferred.


Whwn i entered from phone the other day the discord window on the chat page was tiny and had to zoom in . Also after clicking open chat or something it redirected to their app instead of the account creation page (unless its because the last happens via the app) i dont have discord so got to make one.
Whwn i entered from phone the other day the discord window on the chat page was tiny and had to zoom in . Also after clicking open chat or something it redirected to their app instead of the account creation page (unless its because the last happens via the app) i dont have discord so got to make one.
part 1: phones should look better now, I hope, iframes are finicky.

part 2: Discord is in carage of the signup process, phone detection is not something I have options on.


https://github.com/TitanEmbeds/Titan installation hopefully will be available in the next few days.


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Tried it on Firefox today (log in via Discord, if that matters at all). I was typing white on almost-white. :uh..:
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