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Wakana first solo single & album


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This isn't just 'that' forum though. This is an abyssal epicenter of all things YK + overseas going back to ancient times. Our zounds will be witness to the failure of Her almighty legacy which increase with each successive mediocre, watered-down, sclerosed release.


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Duh why do they keep dressing Wakana with such ugly dresses... The middle part where it tightens just above the waist makes the top looked like flour sack and doesn't do any justice on showing Wakana's figure. The bottom looked like an old gordyn/curtain from my grandma's house.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Despite the many flaws on Tsubasa (Wakana sounding honky, horrible vocal placement, the strings sounded like cheap synths added with horrible mixing), I really really dig the song. And I appreciate how Wakana trying to do something different by adding slight growl to her voice on the 2nd and 3rd chorus. Am really waiting for the studio version that hopefully will come cleaner and edited better than this.

And the band accompaniment? 100/100 has much more energy than Kajiura's FBM.