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Wakana Fall 2018 Live Tour


I have reached Yuki nirvana
  • 2018/08/11 18:30
Wakana ライブツアー決定!!


『Wakana Live Tour 2018 ~時を越えて~』

【東京】2018年9月24日(月・祝) 開場17:15 開演18:00
お問い合わせ:キョードー東京 0570-550-799

【福岡】2018年9月28日(金) 開場18:00 開演18:30
お問い合わせ:キョードー西日本 0570-09-2424

【名古屋】2018年10月2日(火) 開場18:00 開演18:30
お問い合わせ:サンデーフォーク 052-320-9100

【大阪】2018年10月14日(日) 開場16:30 開演17:00
お問い合わせ:キョードー大阪 0570-200-888

チケット料金:全席指定 ¥7,500 (税込) ※未就学児童入場不可



It has been announced by the staff!!
So can we all agree now that Kalafina is no more?
I've been thinking of them as "disbanded group" just so I won't be too sad if there's really no way for those three to get back together (I'm still wishing though lmao but you know, it's wishing-Santa-is-real kind of wish).

But well, them being individually busy might be a good thing. This can be their own way to cope with the situation as well.
Wow those t-shirts are so sugoii! I can't wait for Hikaru to have her solo concert tour too!! And thanks for sharing those photos george :goodjob: I would have given it a 10 if it's a cat rather than a dog tho


I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
IIRC Wakana was like "hey, I got a new camera and tried taking a couple of pictures, here they are", nothing more than that. So what I assume happened was "so what do we do about the live goods?... oh I KNOW, let's use the pictures Wakana put up on her blog! And we're on a tight budget so we don't even want to pay a graphics designer to do it properly!"


I have reached Yuki nirvana
It has announced this morning an addictional performance for her tour!!

【Tokyo・Additional Performance】
Date: 2018/10/17 (Wed) Doors open 18:15 | Start 19:00
Venue: Akasaka Blitz
Ticket price: ¥7,500
The deadline for fan club lottery is September 26!!