Tokyo Anime Awards Festival 2020 / Yuki Kajiura Best Music of 2019


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Just to say that Yuki Kajiura was rewarded for the best music in 2019 !

Tokyo Anime Award is ran since 2002 by professional judges, anime studio staffs, professors of universities, magazine chief editors and producers... not the fans.
Is it deserved ? Or who else should have won, in your opinion ?


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Not gonna lie I'm not even sure what OSTs I listened to /and cared for/ in 2019.

As for Yuki... Alicization in general was Pretty Good (TM), she tried things on Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel and Kimetsu was a surefine 15 minute medley. v( '')v


Well i havent listened to all the soundtracks of 2019 so Idk, and i dont even know for what show they would give her the award for. Kimetsu was good but nothing outstanding. HF was good but among her own works not outstanding either, Alicisation was a fresh touch after around 8 years of disappointment. If we were back in 2004 she would deserve the best award for Madlax and Tsubasa for suure though

Also its weird because the majority of Kimetsu music was by Go Shiina and not her, unless they shared the award or something.

btw in the japanese page there is no menthion of kimetsu


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The quirky thing about TAAF is except for the big prizes of Animation of the Year all other awards are just general recognition as opposed to anything specific, or at least that's how it's been since the format shifted in 2014. I can't deny recent works would have a big influence on the judges who run the event. So good for Kajiura for getting two, it is a shame it's taken so long for her to finally get it, she also won back in 2018.


Seems like the show's popularity is more important than the actual quality of the music though, when judging for these awards.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
^But isn't the award supposed to be about music? I thought that's what the title said. I could be wrong though. heh


The title is miss-leading. Often fans of something think their show is the best there can be at every aspect, so a popular title has more chances of winning awards that something few people know about even if the latter is better. So she didnt win anything back in 2004 that the anime she composed for were must less well known even though the music was generally much more inspired and diverse compared to nowadays, but now she wins thanks to shows popularity.
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