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I have reached Yuki nirvana
While I'm procrastinating on finishing Erementar and Pandora guides, have some unreleased rips from the Garden of sinners. Mixed from the available Blu-Ray 5.1 audio. Additional file with some lq audio extracted from the official site. "cpm"

PS. If you care for 5.1 rips of the available Karafina theme songs (KNK and Madoka), lemme know. Sat on them for a couple of days now and I think I'm fine with how the edited intros sound.
I do.. I want the kalafina vocals only and chorus only


I have reached Yuki nirvana
that sfx covers a delicious part in communication breakdown... that is why I had said in this forum that someone should hack the computer!!
Yea, sadly. Here's hoping for Works for Soundtrack vol.2 Disc3: Xenosaga II(the opening 4 tracks with NO crossfades between them+off-choir communication breakdown), IItoIII and III. One can dream.

I do.. I want the kalafina vocals only and chorus only
I'm not sure these would be what you want/expect but I sent a PM.


It doesnt remind me of anything though.

Btw i had no idea there was game. Googled and it seems like it was just a poor quality cash grab game with rock paper scissors battle system 😐
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I remember seeing Tsubasa as it came out and now I feel old. Back when anime was allowed to have good music in it still.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Gamerip for the 1998 Playstation game with music by Yuki Kajiura. The soundtrack CD release is pretty good (having interval & accident as exclusive tracks and with many tracks being mixed differently) but there's still more music in the game. Both are recommended.

The file naming is straight from the game and every track that has a loop is looped twice before fading out.

As this rip makes use of unaltered (but "remuxed") game data, you will need a player that supports PSF files. I could upload a transcoded mp3 version of these game files but they would be like 20+ times bigger.

If you're using foobar for your audio it should work perfectly fine with the foo_psf or foo_input_aopsf plugins.
If you're using another player try your luck here:
For those who have linux, download a player called audacious to play psf. I found it for yuki.n and it works :)
My rip is from the PSX version of the game and uses the Mark Grass Generic PSF Driver rather than the original one (by my choice due to what I believe being playback glitches). The game also has a PSP port with transcoded music files (rather than the PSX music data), if you're interested in hearing how the music could sound with ?proper mixing/mastering (and glitches).

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