"The Case Study of Vanitas" music will be composed by Yuki Kajiura


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I've not read the manga. Other than knowing it's BONES, Kajiura and PH mangaka, I have zero idea what this is about.

The promos so far do nothing for me, except "> Kajiura" and "?Paris".
The first key visual was also more interesting than this new one.

(Thanks to the cast listed at ANN, I also know it features Akira Ishida. I don't think I recognized any other names, lol. I stopped paying attention to voice actors some good 10 years ago.)

But hey, it got 2 cours out of the gate. That's a lot more than most anime can hope for. I feel like BONES can do a decent anime original ending, should it need one (though no idea about this particular writer). Hopefully the show is good enough to make me wish it continued (and then it does). I couldn't finish El Melloi.
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If we get two standalone full CDs that would be splendid.
But let's be real... when did that happen... brace for 50minute CDs.

To be fair, half the ANIPLEX shows seem to be getting standalones these days. (This season's 86 from Sawano&co, Shadows House and Vivy.)
Oops, I did a miscalculation, my bad.
Yes I'm afraid too that 24 episodes show will have a 1h30 or max 2h soundtrack in total, rather than 12 episodes with 1h30 of soundtrack (happens). In any event, 2 times more episodes doesn't necessarily result in 2 times more music unfortunately.

As for those ANIPLEX standalones... Sawano&Cie get the usual Sawano treatment (...), Vivy is kind of musical show I guess + some backup from MONACA themselves (?), and partly because it will finish with 13 episodes, Shadows House is lucky too? Hmm...

Also wondering if Nightmare has died due to sudden heat


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Here’s the gist apparently: There’s a legend about a vampire named Vanitas who was ostracized since he was born under a blue moon, rather than a red one. So he made a book to seek ReVeNgE. So anyways, there‘s also this other guy named Noé, who gets on a Parisian Airship during the 1800’s to find that book, because his teacher told him to? I think? So he finds this random human named Vanitas, who is a doctor specializing in vampires who uses the legend’s book to do his job, and HMM HE MIGHT JUST BE SINISTER HMMM.

I haven’t read the manga, but I might watch if I get bored. Maybe.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
This one is lovely~ Reminds me of The Sims Making Magic music, which I think had music from French composers.


I like Yuki
This one's kind of interesting. I love the beat and that bell sound, and it's kind of haunting and spooky sounding which is perfect for this story.

Please don't turn into a strings track...


Sorry to disappoint you but knowing Kajiura's usual arrangement patterns most likely it ll have. That or e-guitar.