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Because is not a crime to like another great japanese composer, let's talk about Taku :innocent:We can use this thread to review his music and post info about new releases.

When i first entered the anime fandom, Noir and Witch Hunter Robin were some of my first OST catch and i must say Taku's work was really good, i was really impressed with it, but somehow i didn't follow his career as i did with Yuki. I've been listening to bungou stray dogs ost and is really good, i love his approach to jazz and electronica, it's so different to Yuki and very original, it's a great relief when Yuki is autopiloting soundtracks.

I hope there are other fans of him here, let's gather around and talk :w00t:
He good. I think Noragami+Aragoto CDs are my favorites of his recent years (since I actually have them on my shelf). I do wish he'd tone down on the dubstep as I feel he's been clinging onto it for quite some time now.

PS. His tracks with Yuri are usually more interesting than Yuki's but we kind of touched on that in Yuri's thread.
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Ah, Taku Iwasaki. His soundtracks for the Read or Die OVA and the TV series were two of the first anime osts I ever listened to standalone. His jazzy and experimental stuff is fun, but for me, his string pieces are what I love the most. So romantic and stirring.

I haven't really been keeping up with his newer stuff; but the last thing I heard from him was gatchaman ost and I really liked that.

Meanwhile LORD2 still not out.
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Is that Emily Bindiger song in the prologue anime new or old?
Edit: Corrected below.
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Well, that's good to hear. Sounded a lot like her and especially in Kajifes, lol. (AKA not gud.) inb4 it's just my laptop speakers again and it doesn't sound anything like Emily to anyone else...
Pff. You could literally take anything and it would be decent (but maybe not unique).

For starters I'd say:

Ulyssess (probably the most depressing so if you're not in the mood, you could skip this)
Noragami + Aragoto
Gurren Lagann
Angel Heart for some chill (I never got the additional tokuten OSTs :( )
ROD + Read or Die

Then add the whole other pile:
Bungo (there's like 5 osts now?)
Mahouka (there's like 5 osts now?)
Ben to (x2)
Witch Hunter ROBIN, Yakitate JAPAN and GET BACKERS

And then catch up on the rest if you still care, lol.
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Dubstep is a given on most ?2010+ Iwasaki, sadly. Then there's hiphop, metal, rock and then orchestra on top of it all. :)
I'd say there's always a lot of more traditional stuff on each album so don't necessarily get discouraged immediately if those other genres aren't your thing.

I want to say Akame ga Kill didn't have any dubstep but it's been a while so I could be wrong. From what I remembered, I didn't think there was that much dubstep on Noragami compared to others so I'm a little surprised with your comment.

Re: dubstep, I dare you Gatchaman, lol. (With Kasahara.)
Or even worse, the first disc of Lord of Vermillion IV. I couldn't make it through the cheese on that one. Disc 2 is sweet though. Lots of Konno, I think.
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