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When a Yuki Kajiura tracklist is updated :




2019.05.30 Thu
【Release】『ソードアートアート・オンライン アリシゼーション 』Blu-ray&DVDリリース追加情報
7月24日発売『ソードアートアート・オンライン アリシゼーション 』Blu-ray&DVD 第7巻の完全生産限定版にて、Original Soundtrack Alicization vol.2と共に、特製ブックレット内に梶浦由記のインタビューが掲載されます。

『ソードアートアート・オンライン アリシゼーション 7』
Blu-ray完全生産限定版 ¥7,800+税 
DVD完全生産限定版 ¥6,800+税 
収録話 : 第19話 第20話 第21話

■特典CD(キャラクターソング & Original Soundtrack Alicization vol.2 収録)
■映像特典(ノンクレジット2nd OP ver.B)


Has anyone found scans of vol 7 with the interview ?


Soundtrack updated, 22 new tracks !


Whats up with 1EMON ? Kajiura trying to be Hiroyuki Sawano ? #9 should ve been "he's pain in the ass". I dont remember a bgm during the elevator scene. 18# should ve been in ost 1 i think.


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Starting off pretty good and then swordland medley. Ends gud tho. More on the channel. (It's all up now I think.)

Oh wow, that drop @ she was sitting under the osmanthus tree.

I honestly can't believe Alicization is the one where she pulled it off (for me at least). Even the goddamn strings (and so far this one is quite stringtastic) and swordland arranges are good.

Suddenly very interested in a standalone Alicization Music Collection sometime down the line...

omfg 1EMON... Kajiura's still got it!

Like what the actual fuck... even the choirs... If @wat11 gives this one a 6/10, he should just quit the forum lol. jk
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1EMON is unused in the show and wow its so good <3 now listening to the others as well !

Chudelkin , Fizel and Linel are love too <3 and

do refresh the page because new ones are up

Love the choir at Bercouli omg i dont think we ve heard such chorus and strings since Hokuto no Ken. Why isnt this track in place of "he comes back again and again " ?! lol :hearts:

wow Underworld was definitely unused too, that cello <3

who shall win the battle another one definetely unused really nice drumming and blinging and electronic.

if I could reach your hand I dont remember this one either (wtf directors ?!) really sweet tsubasa-like track

I wish I could be with him… i thought this would be another boring slow piano track but no this is so sweeet piano love the speed and the melody best piano bgm since "you re not alone" from Mother's Rosario, and piano wise best since rain and storm

the battle with minions this was also unused ... this bgm would fit in a show with aliens lol really unique. Really tasty guitar.

Sword Golem tasty strings, really like the electronic finish.

she can’t stand for it I remember this one but it played so much in the background that i couldnt hear almost nothing .Love the combo "strings-flute-harp"

a holy sword in his heart really nice piano play <3

i'd swear "telling the old story" is unsed too.. lovely strings T_T

overall rating 9/10 because some tracks are still autopilot like the fight with chudelki and a desperate battle, no way back . Alice Synthesis Thirty could have much more to it but i loved all the rest. Good job kajiura going back to pre-knk era with this one (and hopefully with El Melloi as well).

Just imagine there's one more season for Alicisation which means 3 more like this ost hopefully <3
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holy cow! What happened I don't remember having the last part of alicization to have this kind of tracks so many delicious foods I can't...

@ Bercouli track :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love:
Someone at the choir in this particular track went crazy I love urghh