Sword Art Online (YK to be responsibe for SAO Progressive movie)


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They had early screenings of the entire movie? 1.5month early? Dang. I mean, I guess they (or was it even Kajiura?) did say that the movie was already done and they were waiting for the COVID situation to settle down with releasing it but still.

What I need to know is if they rerecorded swordland with real brass. Even though I dislike the original, I'd be interested in hearing if it makes a difference to me. :p (And don't link me the Overture live.)


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New PV



劇場版 ソードアート・オンライン -プログレッシブ- 星なき夜のアリア Original Soundtrack​


47 tracks.



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Oh god I'm gonna rant so hard on this movie

-obnoxious and exaggerated sound effects i really hate this guy istg....
-late reaction but why tf they are using swordland on this movie when it should be Asuna's POV?
-i'm gonna say this but this arranger guy in theme songs keeps sabotaging some of the songs that can potentially good imo(sore wa chiisana metallic sfx on the chorus pisses me off and now I kind of hear his signature earr*pe on saop song-not like they got memorable songs for me on this franchise lol) :notlistening:
- the new character is definitely a fodder on this movie so most likely we will get dramatic ost cues that i might not enjoy cause sao tragedy bad execution and repetitive

The only good thing is early OST release, yay