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Sword Art Online (YK to be responsibe for SAO Progressive movie)


I have reached Yuki nirvana
If we have to do it like this, I think "even @wat11 liked it" would be more accurate. I was already positive from Alicization OST1. :P

OST3 was where the unanimous praise exploded.


Sailor Yuki
hehe so true. I mean that vol3 was simply amazing. So many great ideas. and Tokyo Konsei sounded as impactful as before.

With the right arranger, the orchestral live of SAO work would be fantastic. and they should include that Lemon track.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
It's that SAO special that aired in April. Was posted via billi before, though that upload had tokyo-mx logo in the corner. Also saw one from BS-11. I guess it aired on all the regular SAO channels.
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Probably old news by now, but I noticed they scheduled the remaining blurays for September 9-December 9. Maybe we get all the OSTs this year...

■対象商品「ソードアート・オンラインアリシゼーションWar of Underworld」
・Blu-ray&DVD 5巻(ANZX/ZB-14429~30):発売日2020年9月9日(水)
・Blu-ray&DVD 6巻(ANZX/ZB-14431~2):発売日2020年10月14日(水)
・Blu-ray&DVD 7巻(ANZX/ZB-14433~4):発売日2020年11月11日(水)
・Blu-ray&DVD 8巻(ANZX/ZB-14435~6):発売日2020年12月9日(水)



I have reached Yuki nirvana
There's a 12.5 for War of Underworld indeed. But it's not like they lied - the show was supposed to start July 11th and it will.


OK lol never been a fan of Aoi Eir but this one is decent? Some emotions there around 0:32 until the end. I feel she took some vocal lessons during this quarantine.


Thanks !

Its disappointing how she talks about the movie like that "you dont need music for 30 mins and you mainly put noice" is that why the Ordinal Scale soundtrack was so empty ? On the other hand i dont remember the HF movies being like that so i guess she adjusts her methods to what each sound director asks for.

That last bgm sounds really good cant wait to see it on the show

Also the interview presented FictionJunction Station as her band while thats the fanclub 😅
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Yeah... that seems to be happening a lot lately. Not researching for the truth. Ugh. Anyhow. Yeah, I remember a couple of good songs as well as the vocal ones. (I liked longingly even with the to the beginning instrumental part)