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Sword Art Online (YK to be responsibe for SAO Progressive movie)


There were only 2 as far as the anime goes, and both near the end of the cour so i guess they ll give the first now and the second with the next soundtrack.

Btw according to ANN the next SAO eps start April 26, with a special on april 11 and a digest on april 18.
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Sailor Yuki
it's on bilibili !

just skip all first 15 tracks pff

Shasta - I like the violin in the beginning but overall it's boring.

for the person I love - I love the music box bit but the strings becomes boring... it's not too bad. and I can swtich to "we call him heartless" at 1:30.

this is the price of the war - so like Fate's "he has to overcome his future" or some variation of such title sorry I meant "she rules the battlefield" with Tokyo Konsei. it's better than that, but still nothing eye opening.

the Human empire army - I don't think Tokyo Konsei blends well with the melody though I like Tokyo Konsei's solo in the beginning.

go get them - that track for suckers. I like it but this is also repetitive as hell.

a sword of bravery in her heart - lazy lazy lazy Kajiura. found a nice melody with nice tokyo konsei and abuse it won't you ? perhaps use it in your lives you will ? it's practically the osmanthus tree track only with a track title easier to remember.

eh such a downgrade from the previous ost I think but those ambient tracks had to be packaged sometime.
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