Sword Art Online [UPD: Alicization "War of Underworld" -2nd half airing starting April 2020]



first soundtrack was much better than HF 1 :P flower will bloom is the only memoriable track for me.
I thought OST 2 is the better SAO OST? Or maybe I got them all mixed up.

Agreed that ordinal scale is the worst Kajiura soundtrack ever tho.


Ordinal scale is the worst thing Kajiura has ever written. SAO music has only gotten worse over time.
Ι agree, i was just speaking of the very first SAO soundtrack (aincrad) being better than HF one overall. Of course flower will bloom is better than the battle vocal tracks there, but the other tracks (march down, first town etc ) are better than HF's instrumentals. (and i dont talk about sfx - only tracks)
yea the second one was kinda uninspired and tracks felt like dragging for too long.

and im also hoping for a much better alicisation too. Lets see if she drops the autopilot.
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any news ? ?
I read some impressions of the world premiere episode. All I could find about the soundtrack said some old tracks are reused in the show, much like last season, and the new music basically keeps the same level of quality as the past seasons.


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15 minutes left :cheer:

No vocal tracks but standout tracks for me are when they are walking inside the cave (:love: ) and when the dragon rider went to their village(generic Kajiura but I like).
Autopilot tracks from fight scene but I don't have problem with that.
Reused tracks are from ggo scenes.
Hmm some reminds me of Zaregoto but I feel like there would be more fantasy-like sounds as the story progress.
Sound direction this time is not very jarring.

As expected, no OST in Vol 1: https://sao-alicization.net/bddvd/01.html
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I liked most of the underworld musics, except that bgm with the knight in the village, it was kinda lazy. The flute bgms are more complex that in previous osts.
This will have very few vocals since the fight scenes are very limited, unless she does "first town" kind of vocals.
Also it might be just the sound system, but i think bgms are more to the background now than they used to be, which saddens me :(

The bgm where they climb the mountain to enter the cave seems to be one of the themes, since right after an alteration of it starts

is it me or the part where Kirito tickles Eugeo had gay fanservice since they show his butt for about 5 secs ? lol
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Lots of cozy flute themes in the first half, hue. They weren't bad, but she could use other instruments for yasashii-ness. Still might end up liking them once the ost comes out.
when they are walking inside the cave (:love: ) and when the dragon rider went to their village(generic Kajiura but I like).

Cocho Sensei

Like the flute based melodies, established a tranquil atmosphere at the beginning. Also seems that she changed instruments after they entered the cave, to I think bells which gave me the image of the ice echoing through the cave, and later strings and harp, which I liked the most.

except that bgm with the knight in the village, it was kinda laz
Also not a big fan of the knight entering bgm, could have put more thought into that, especially when the second time it repeated it didn’t change much even though the visual scene changed dramatically.

The music where the head appears and tracks Alice’s id, I can’t say I like it or not, was confusing which I guess was its purpose.


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I like most of the tracks, though it was kind of hard to hear them all, since my tv's speakers were not that great. Might watch it again using my computer. I am liking the show too! I thought it would be boring, but I am intrigued now and want it to be next week! But wow, I wasn't expecting to be almost 50 mins long. And I like the song by LiSA, she seems less shouty, except for the chorus a little. It seems to be kind of like an Aoi Eir song, which is who I thought it was at first. heh If the music continues to be good then I will keep watching. I'll probably watch anyways. I like the show, but 50 episodes is a bit much, I wonder if Yuki wrote a ton for them or are they just going to reuse old songs? I mean, there weren't that many in the 1st that I could remember. I like the director a lot more, seems to be using more of her music than just a little bit of each song.


Yes it was announced long ago that first ep would be double in duration. Of course they ll reuse some of the old musics or recycle the news ones. This is what always happens. I dont see amy change in the bgm usage, they are still scene-specific, after all the sound director is still the same. Its just that this episode had longer scenes.


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Kinda annoying how they're only using short snippets of music. Like the new Celtic track that plays when they enter the village. Only 10 seconds!
The Remi track at the end sounds nice, but part of it sounds VERY similar to Shadow and Fog.


^ agree. This sound director is out of his mind lol the bgms so far seem to be flute - centric :)

i really hope the celtic track ends up having vocals.
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