Sword Art Online [UPD: Alicization "War of Underworld" -2nd half airing starting April 2020 | WoU OST 1 on Feb 26]


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I found a link , someone shared it via google drive on youtube.
PM me if you want, but I'm still hesitating to download it or not, because I'm in Japan right now and the law is very strict.
What is your opinion on it ? Considering that the soundtrack is enclosed in a bluray, do they really hunt "illegal" downloads ? I just don't want to buy a 100$ bluray or something like that...


^ PM me :)


My review:

Peaceful landscape - Her name is alice: Really nice flute centric tracks :)

The legendary sword = very grand bgm for just a sword :)

searching for something: Really like the beat+ harp combo there

Forbidden, Uneasy, Dark territory = just sfx

Suspense and conflict = the bgm from the goblins episode nothing special to it though'

Confronting the Enemy = same as above

We have to save her = first track with good melody from the upbeat ones. Has strings and trumpons, flute at the end and butts in bit of swordland melody too (i think its the intergrity knight bgm).

Eugeo = Kinda gay to have a harp track as theme for a dude lol

Find your sword in this land = Remi bgm 1 aka swordland ver #2, but why leave 7 secs with silence ? Part from 1:23 was so epic in the anime!

Project Alicisation = like the combo of beat and accoustic piano

A mysterious voice = have little bit of piano and atmospheric sfx, guess its relaxing :)

Fluctlight = pretty much the same but beat & blinging instead and some electronic sounds too

Soul translator, Things get worse = sfx

There is eerie = cello track at first, then typical kajiura upbeat stuff

Find the solution = sfx with some melodic blinging that has theme melody in too

If she was here = sweet typical track

The days in swordcraft academy = this is really nice traditional track, has ac guitar harp and violin solo (!!) and some cello for harmony <3

Selka = really sweet melody with cello flute ac guitar, surprised they made a theme bgm for a character that barely shows up

Administrator = Remi bgm #2 really like the chanting, has e.guitar too in relaxing manner.

Best tracks: Have fun!, the days in swordcraft academy, selka

Now i see why they have OST 3: They have each half of OST with SFXs =_=
Those who dont like SAO music anyways better wait for OST 2 before listening
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OK, finally, after 7 months, I got my hands on "We have to save her", I can die peacefully... This is truly the best track for me in this OST, and one of the musical highlights of the entire season, what a glorious day.


^ i personally prefer " find your sword in this land" over it, but im going to cut that swordland bridge from it, as it disturbs the main melody.


still i can't find any link to download the soundtrack, guys any help a little one XD


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I really liked: A peaceful landscape, Have fun!, Her name is Alice, the legendary sword, A silver lining, Searching for something (this is so Age of Empires), We have to save her, Days in the swordcraft academy, Selka, Administrator (though it's a little too PriPri, and short).

Find your sword in this land: I like Remi's part, but the rest is same old Swordland.
Eugeo: Didn't expect this to be Eugeo's theme. Feels more like simplistic piano/harp track #45845525 for sad scenes or conversations. A character theme should be more than that!
Find the solution: quirky version of Swordland. Kinda like it.

The rest are generic SAO battle themes (FBM+Strings), and ambience. Though I'll give her props for continuing to add melodies to the ambiance instead of just sounds.


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Best tracks for me :
have fun!, the legendary sword, we have to save her, the days in swordcraft academy (especially the beginning), a peaceful landscape. find your sword in this land (first last parts) somebody can crop the middle swordland bit and make a better track albeit shorter.

6 out of 29. eh not great but expected. I enjoyed the 6 very much though.

honestly though the OST names are awful. I am inclined to rename them M01 like KnK; it has more dignity than these. (if she was here, we have to save her, her name is alice). All the next female characters Kajiura will write themes for will have the same title except for the name.


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I'm going to be original and say my favorite was probably Forbidden. And then searching for something like a few of you above mentioned and project alicization/fluctlight/soul translator/find the solution.

I actually thought this was a very enjoyable OST. The so called SFX tracks are pretty great IMHO (like the only one that is literally SFX wooshes is uneasy from what I remember), boring strings are kept at bay for the most part and there's plenty of electronica throughout. Its only problem I guess is that it is simply not exciting. That and Remi still sounds horrible in Kajiura's tracks - can they really not record/mix her voice clearly? Now find your sword is some "garbled potatoes in throat" to me. Still, I enjoyed Administrator... but it could've been a Princess Principal shadows and fog intro remix...

I'm glad there's an OST3 for this part alone(presumably?). Because maybe I wouldn't be getting some of these tracks if there were only two...
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^ All i can say is that sfx ones are good for concentration. I cant see what good you can find about 'uneasy' or 'dark territory' though lol. Sure getting as much as bgms released as possible is important :) WfS #2 when ?


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I actually thought this was a very enjoyable OST.
Its only problem I guess is that it is simply not exciting.
I agree, though I like different tracks than you. I prefer the celtic, folksy, cozy tracks the most.

(like the only one that is literally SFX wooshes is uneasy from what I remember)
I did notice that. Maybe she learned ambiance isn't just SFX while doing the Zaregoto soundtrack, hue.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I agree, though I like different tracks than you. I prefer the celtic, folksy, cozy tracks the most.
I like them, too. I really enjoyed the CD.
I even like my close friend - in theory I should roll my eyes at how played out that is in Kajiura's repertoire, yet somehow the harp(?) over those familiar strings works for me. And also their melody randomly steered off from what I was expecting in my head at certain moments (like around 15s for example; inb4 someone links me another track with this exact same sequence lol).

Edit: Also now that I think about it - the strings don't feel static, if that makes any sense. It feels like they are always going toward something in the phrases, no matter how simple they are.
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