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Sword Art Online [UPD: Alicisation arc ongoing - OST dates are out]

Ep 3 had some nice new ac. guitar track in the beginning and some usual new strings one near the end.
This is going too slow and i have the impression they still cut something ( i thought they went and took that sword together in the novel)


In the BD/DVD page https://sao-alicization.net/bddvd/ it has info for all volumes even if coverart isnt out.

OST 1 is on bd/dvd vol #4 https://sao-alicization.net/bddvd/04.html released April 24, 2019
OST 2 is on bd/dvd vol#7 https://sao-alicization.net/bddvd/07.html released next July, 24, 2019


Weird how they have chara songs even in the ost volumes.
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So episode 4 is out, and this time there were alot of new musics. I liked the one
after Selka untieing, and the one when the tree was cut
. The Remi PV one also played.

Kajiura is still butting the swordland melody in as many tracks as possible ^^; But there is also a new melody that played around 3 times in the ep so i can guess its the alicization theme. the new battle bgms were nothing special in term of style, and the festive music was way too repeatitive, if it had some violin and viola playing secondary melody it would turn really good.


慌てて見逃した分のSAOの録画見直してたけど戦闘シーンがあまりにも凄すぎて……( ꒪⌓꒪)白目になった……凄いですってあれ!ホント!
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Episode 5 had mostly old bgms from previous OSTs, the most interesting new tracks were

where the America scene started (14:25) and during the Rath officials intro (18:28)
, but these are still mostly atmosphere bgms.
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Episode 7

They skipped the whole second volume of Alicisation or half of it and made it into flashback

new celtic bgm after the op with a c guitar violin flute and percussion
new battle bgm with ugh string e guitar
new bgm with harp and violin! sounds so relaxing <3 too bad the melody is repeatitive
longer bgm with ac piano
(old bgms)
. (old bgm but with mutted flute)
new bgm with strings and drums (this actually sounds good!)
another new bgm but (drums strings e guitar) but its nothing impressive


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Ugh, I really have to watch the last 2 episodes! I am enjoying it so far, the show and the music. I agree that the festival or party music sounded um... kind of odd? I almost didn't think it was her, but it sounded more for like a video game (which it is basically haha). While the show creator apologized for the show pacing, I think it's moving along, unless it's faster in the novel or something. I mean, they have to slow it down for 50 almost episodes... so yeah. But looking forward to more swordland renditions *rolls eyes* but really enjoying the music otherwise. Great job Yuki! (I hope it doesn't get repetitive or annoying after awhile.
^ No its not fast in the novel, they have sped things up. They skipped the whole academy entry tournament thing and other things too. I like it more this way because in the novels it was true snorefest.
Episode 9

new strings - drums flute and bras horns music
new music with some kind of guitar but sounds electronic, i like it alot
in this series they overuse that synched percussion bgm from ost 1.
sweet guitar - violin - flute bgm
new bgm with alot of ambience but it does have melody

does anyone else watch this ? i see no other posts ^^;

on a sidenote, tiese looks like Kyoko from Madoka lol
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Kagaribi no Hanabira

Golden daffodil at her window
I watched it every week. I think it's kinda boring as well, but I have no other intersting animes to watch in this season. (Waiting for FateHF, PuriPuri, Fafnir and Code Geass in 2019...)

IMO, the music so far is quite on the same par as Aincrad arc, but not as good as the Excalibur arc. (If you consider overall music and don't count a few pieces of pleasant vocal tracks, I think Excalibur arc is the best.) Still better than Fairy Realm, GGO, Mother Rosario, and definitely, Ordinal Scale.

I won't watch the new episode soon though... I've just provided the final exam for my course on Saturday morning and already made a promise to the students that I won't watch any new anime episode until I finished marking their exams...lol. (Some of them watch SAO as well.)


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I watch it too! While I do see why people think it is boring, and yeah I get the feeling too, there are good fights in it at least. I loved the battle BGM in episode 7, and the musics in the town. It kind of reminds me of .Hack's pacing, though maybe not as slow and there's more fights in this than that show. (Ugh, I remember only coming back for Yuki's music, since there was soooo much talking.) Liking the music a lot so far. And there's lots of new stuff that's not the same melody. I think she's doing what she said she was going to do and not repeat the same old stuff, which makes me happy. Really looking forward to that new anime next year now.
Okay 🙂 thanks everyone 😁 well for me mother's rosario was better than excalibur music. I agree that its kinda boring even though they did cut some parts to make it shorter and that there could be more new bgms ( i think there was just one with vocals?) And yup Liana is right she uses less samey melodies that before, having so far only swordland rearranged.
I'm close to dropping this series. Plot is not engaging(for now) and god can the author do something about his villains? But seems like Kajiura is looking forward to "something" in the anime so imma wait :tea:
^ But both this scene and the one back in fairyland arc werent comical in the novel, i guess it was choice of the director/producer. I ll watch the episode and say my opinion about the ep later :)