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Sword Art Online [UPD: Alicisation arc continues on October 2019 | OST 3 announced]

Kagaribi no Hanabira

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Why didnt Kirito brought Alice to that lady that restored Eugeo's eye ? Guess she looks cooler with the eyepatch lol
Didn't Alice herself say that she can cure it by her own when the sun rises again? There must be sth. happen if her eye is still like that. (Some drastic change in the Underworld so the morning hasn't come to her? I didn't read the novel though.)
I had stopped readying when they battled against the first Intergrity Knight too so i got not idea as well, but what i mentioned is still an option, doesnt seem to require sunlight too.


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Just finished watching and here I thought the plot would improve but I guess not lol
>Rape scene
>Someone will die
rinse and repeat gawd

I'm just glad the first 11/12 episodes had a good ost assuming they will be released most of them in OST 1 since they are absolutely better than the latter OST of the Alicization.


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Author had a chance to better Kirito this arc, make him likable but welp it seems he still wants him to become Jesus lolz. I guess Eugeo is just his plot device to make him super OP AGAIN by making him the climax of the story. Now we are back to emo Kirito again next season :waa: I hope the disciples of his would be back next season I mean what's the point of them for 1 episode? lmao
^ In fact its been known that Alicisation was written way before the previous arcs, and even before the "Accelerated World" anime, so its his first story among the SAO arcs, in terms of when he wrote it.


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Source? I mean why would he be stabbed from the early episode by a member of a Death Gun, from GGO, if this is a story done way before?

And again, does it matter? how he presents his characters really suck. And I heard most of the animators of SAO this season left so this is really not looking good..
thank you!! I really wonder where these vgmdb guy find it when no store has it.

Its was already known that character song would be included, but i expected it at the end of the disc.

many tracks on a soundtrack means less duration for each track usually, Ordinal scale had a load of tracks and ended up being a joke. Tsubasa OSTs that were jewel, had 20 tracks each https://canta-per-me.net/discography/tsubasa-1/ and without OP/ED tv sizes were 18. I prefer few and well composed than under 1 minute tracks that dont have time to develop any melody. Remains to see how much of them are sfx.

LOL at "confront the enemy" and "searching for something"

ost 1 had "confront battle" and and i remember seeing a title with "something" not long ago too

sfx guess:
a mysterious voice
things get worse
there is eerie
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