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RESTORE: Official Sheet music


ah okay, thanks!!
do you mind scanning the coverarts of the ones you have ? because the store pics are too small.



This is for the UNOFFICIAL http://canta-per-me.net/sheet-music/unofficial-sheet-music/ but alot of transcribers sites seem to be down / closed / moved, namely

  • Maou
  • Rumanuo
  • Kapibara
and might be more, so can someone check them all out and replace the links if possible ? @HIS MASK

(30 Dec 2014 02:20)
they are not files, but just links AFAIK, which lead to the transcriber’s page. That page is HIS MASK’s responsibility so I dont know of its status, but thanks for reporting

(29 Dec 2014 22:51)
Hello, many of the links in the unofficial sheet music are broken. Has anyone saved these files? I’m looking for the Kalafina files in particular.


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My copy of the Magia band score arrived today and it's everything I'd hoped it would be. If you guys need detailed info to add to its page on the site, go ahead. The only thing I don't have is access to a scanner, but that would probably be breach of copyright anyway!

It's very comprehensive though - main vocals in standard notation and hiragana, tablature for electric and bass guitar parts, drums/percussion and a couple of pages of standard notation for strings. Amusingly, they couldn't translate the Kajiura-go background vocals, so those bits are labelled 'scat' or 'some words'... :ohoho:

I hope more YK songs get this sort of treatment. It's fascinating to see how the songs are put together if you're into that sort of thing. :study:


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@george1234 do you still need any details on the official songbooks? Right now I have "#006 elemental" and "#008 in the land of twilight under the moon (live ver.)"