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Recruitments for the main site [LOOKING FOR: Unoff Sheet Music Editor: ANYONE ?!]


I like Yuki

george1234 said:
There are? where ? (i mean the in unofficial ones) and if there are somewhere around the internet, they are not around the list of unoffciail sheet musics. Also some people ask for specific instrument, if its not there you can do it.
alright, will get my hands on them....lolz...since my boyfriend is back to his hometown i'll have plenty of time to do it...^_^

will let u know once i've done sum of them ya....=)


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Do you guys still need help with any sort of rewriting? I was going to offer my services to the vocalists's section but it looks like that's already being handled pretty well. I'm in sort of a lull period in between projects at work for this week, trying not to die of boredom, and this sounds like something I can get away with doing in the office without looking too much like I'm slacking :XD: I'm not very good at finding info but I can write up or compile stuff if the info is provided, or beta-read what's already been written.

Just thought I'd mention. :innocent:


^ Kowz had started rewritting some of the vocalists profiles, but then he forgot to continue viewtopic.php?p=212902#p212902

One of these days I will write a text for REMI based on info I have collected months ago, since SAO OST 1 releases in 3 days and I will be able to complete it, I will post it in the vocalists thread for proof reading.

If you want to write something new, check the musicians part here viewtopic.php?p=213588#p213588

And there's also a bassist we dont have that played for this release
official site:

And you could also continue the text that's about Kalafina lives here http://canta-per-me.net/yukis-vocalists/kalafina/ since I havent updated it since July ( :ohoho: ) You include major events like tours, one man lives, type moon fest, xmass live but not the small ones. Check here http://canta-per-me.net/live-events/ for full lives list.

I hope these are enough to kill your time with :innocent: :plot:


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^ Thank you george, that's very generous of you, that will certainly be enough to keep me from being bored :ohoho:

Can I work on the Kalafina lives first? How do I go about it, do I just write it up and send it over? I take it 'small' lives are stuff like TV appearances or the short live-streamed performances? Do you guys have some kind of consistent style for text (e.g. what tenses to use, whether song/album titles should be in quotes or in bold and so on) or do I just go about it my own way? Would you like me to go back and make such things consistent or should I only write up additional content? Sorry if I ask sound overbearing, I've been working as an editor; the need to pay attention to details like these is being constantly hammered into me...


^ You need to use past tenses for the past lives and futue for the 2-3 future ones you menthion at the very end. You only need to highlight the titles of the lives. The releases text is alreadu up to date so you dont need to worry about it :)

The "big" lives for the period I mentioned are:

(- Kalafina LIVE 2012 “to the beginning” and the Animagic and AFA are already menthioned, just change the tenses)
- Kalafina at 「Sound Spirit OTODAMA SEA STUDIO 2012」
- 「X’mas Premium LIVE 2012 “Kalafina with Strings”」

- Kalafina 5th Anniversary LIVE “oblivious”
- Kalafina @ Lisani live 2013
- 20th Anniversary Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#10 “Kaji Fest. 2013”」

Please make it so its in the same paragraph since I am making 1 paragraph for every 2 years in that text.


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Thanks for laying out the info for me, that makes it easier.

Sorry, I'll probably be bothering you with more questions :innocent: Should I PM you or just keep posting them here?


Recruiting 1 (one) lyrics editor, because http://canta-per-me.net/contact-and-credits/ Kowz is busy irl and ninetales is on hiatus, practically out of the forum as well. and me is busy with the other pages of the site, but I will still be uploading the new ones.

- a bit of html knowlege, as well as wordpress's [will send you file that helps you learn]
- will be very good if he/she has good knowlege of japanese (you will see later)
- good level of english

Job description
- Fixing of the spacing of the lines at the new lyrics code for japanese songs eg this http://canta-per-me.net/lyrics/natsu-no-ringo/
- Applying corrections posted at the lyrics correction thread viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2295, or at the comments of the respective lyrics pages eg http://canta-per-me.net/lyrics/fairytale/#comments
- saving copies of all the lyrics pages in txt formal (encoding Unicode) and sending all the folder to me (because most of mine are outdates since ninetales use to be updating tha pages without sending me copy.)

Best person for the job in my mind:

^ she declined the offer because she has no time to do it.

Chrisgarci offered to do it.


^ i had givem powers to someone to update the vocalist texts ( was it crisgarci or cruel angel ?) but he/she doesnt seem to have time or has totally forgotten about it, but if you want to join us you can, she I have noticed you keep pointing out things for the whole site and I appreciate that, even thought most of time time I dont get to fix these ^^;


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^ george, yeah it was me who you have given some powers, but I'm only trying to limit these on the lyrics pages as what you requested. Is it alright if I go beyond those pages as well?