Rank the Kalafina concert dvd/blurays!


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Now that there will never be another one, lets rank all of them! You can base it on setlist, vocal performance, outfits, choreo, etc. etc.
I haven't watched all of them super recently, so I can't give a definite ranking yet, but Ik the 10th anni would definitely be up there (if not #1) along with the Red Moon one. Worst would prob be the red/blue day ones
Red Moon > Consolation > FOTW > Arena Live > After Eden > 9+1 > 10th anniversary,
For me, Red Moon is still the best one. Ignoring obvious Studio Magix, the girls sounded great. Wakana still had her strong voice (though not as good as YKL2, Premium live), and Hikaru's voice was still in good shape.
Based on concert production, Arena Live 2016 is by far the best. Best staging, best visual effects, the setlist is decent, decent camera shots and editing. Since we're talking about video release, imho this is the most visually pleasing Kalafina concert. The fact that they included the 2nd day different songs as extra is another great point, not even the horrible blue encore dresses deterred me from enjoying the video. I read some people actually rated those dresses to be amongst their favorite btw. I'm not saying they're wrong and have no fashion sense but they're wrong and I could write an essay about all the wrong thing on their dresses esp Wakana's. Hers is a nightmare.

Least favorite is Consolation Special Final live because it has the worst camera shots and editing plus the girls looked tired after the whole tour. I still don't get why they chose to sing red moon (yea i never liked this song) when it wasn't performed the whole tour prior to the special final. The whole DVD is kinda boring even though the setlist is actually somewhat okay.

Red Moon 2010 is really enjoyable because it's the first Kalafina DVD and the energy is still real, and there isn't much horrible choreography even though the sound and volume processing on that concert leaves a lot to be desired. Sound and volume sounded too muted and soft. Not a big fan of that aspect.

After Eden live has the most energy but at the same time has the most obvious Wakana straining and pushing herself during the second half of the concert.

I enjoyed far on the water live a lot more than I thought I would, mostly because of the fresh setlist as it has the most b-sides performed in a concert.

Red Day and Blue Day for the most part are boring even though they were a big milestone for Kalafina.

Soo.. I think my rank would be Arena Live 2016 > Red Moon > far on the water > After Eden > 10th anniversary > Red Day Blue Day > 9+1 (the first outfit in this concert is downright horrible plus too much Wakana on the setlist) > Consolation sp final.
Here is my contribution for this post
After Eden >> Arena LIVE >> Consolation >> 10th anniversary >> Red moon >> Best Blue >> FOTW >> 9 + 1 >> Best Red
Red Moon > After Eden/FOTW > Consolation > 9+1 > Arena 2016 > Blue/Red Day >10th Anniversary