Possibility of acquiring a copy of full orchestral scores?


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Sorry for the bad question, just trying to get the phrasing.

I’m a really big fan of Kajiura’s score for Kara no Kyoukai (primarily the stuff off the Music Collection from movies 1-7). I’m also in HS right now, and an aspiring composer.

I want to take a deeper dive into the score itself to see how the music works and understand why I like it, but unfortunately, there aren’t a whole bunch of scores or even transcriptions out there (for KnK, specifically) that cover the stuff I want. My general music training is at a point where I can understand pretty well through score analysis, but not at a point where I can start analyzing it in depth through just listening to the tracks themselves.

So, my question is more: are there full scores of Kajiura’s music for Kara no Kyoukai available for commercial purchase/acquisition? If there aren’t any, then I can understand why. If there are, then I’d love to find out how/where/if I can get them.

Thanks a lot!


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Nope. The most you'll find are vocal scores for some Kajiura live songs and the Kalafina Far on the water vocal score.


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Some of the KnK theme songs are in the Kalafina piano score books; dunno where to buy them in your country tho (maybe Amazon JP?)
I think I've heard of anime band scores but I don't know any of them have KnK. Even if they have any it will be only some theme songs.

In short, no. Haven't heard of any full orchestral scores.


There is nothing published. It probably exists on someone's computer somewhere, whoever did the arrangement. If you go back far enough though some of the strings parts on YK music are in fact synthesized and I don't believe she made scores of them to begin with (see; Xenosaga, prob various random early things).