Orchestral Arrangements of YK works - The future


  • yes - both

  • yes - just arrangements

  • yes - just opera

  • no - neither

  • not sure

  • dammit stop asking for this

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We can do nothing but hope. Maybe you can ask her about it on twitter. Recent years her vocal bgms have shortened which leaves less space about opera-like singing too.

I think seing others do it after she gets old is more likely than doing it herself
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Sailor Yuki
even the members of canta per me forum couldn't care less lol.

well closest we got to a real "orchestral" arrangement was The Song.

maybe a musical genius among us may arrange stuff. Say :

Madlax Orchestral Suite
El cazador Orchestral Suite
Xenosaga II-II Orchestral Suite
SAO orchestral suite

anyway some day maybe!


The problem with this is that her music doesn't really need re-arranging. It typically was used when soundtracks were limited to old console-specific chipsets with very real limitations to what they could possibly play back, so these CDs were more important for games during the 90s. For YK there isn't much there that needs arranging since she wasn't limited in such a way.

In my view those Chrono albums were pretty 'meh' anyway. The original flavor of the music was lost. But the recent Xenogears revival music was done right, imo, and I think the upcoming CD/DVD of the Chrono Cross 20th anni. concerts will do justice. Mitsuda always shows how bored he is or not through his music and I dont think orchestral arrangements of the standard variety every suited him, and likewise a lot of his recent OSTs have sounded copy-pastey and padded out.


Sailor Yuki
The problem with this is that her music doesn't really need re-arranging
hoho couldn't disagree more with you here. Kajiura's music as they stand are not orchestral at all. That's her thing though, she wants to do popular music (if I'm not mistaken, that's what she said once). You are right in saying that Kajiura abandoned all-synth music over the years, to some people's dismay here haha.

On Chrono arrangments, yeah it's not mindblowing (unlike Nier Automata arrangments which are sublime) but that Whirlwind is done super well, it's really good.

We dont have any musical genious here though lol

lol I think we may! they are hiding.