Obsession ~


I like Yuki
Hi, I'm Cif ^___^/

and hope you are well. : )
Some years ago I was used to listen to YK's work and watching numerous anime.
After I had loaded my free time with a job and a girl friend, all the hobbies had to stand back a little, and so I am completely out of anime currently (just because no time to watch them one after another like back then).

Therefore I lost track of the newest YK works, but got reinvolved by a YK video suggested by Youtube some months ago,
and thought.. WOW this is outstandingly A W E S O M E! o___o ... and felt remembered the good old times.

Therefore I had to pick up my piano hobby from back then, where I was satisfied by only playing the melody with my right hand. Then I tought wth.. why not do it right.. and put myself into it even more, got a better piano... then another one, and made my brain accept a second hand in piano play... and ... voila.. it starts to take off. Left hand does better than the right one currently, still improving on both.. and I have to THANK YUKI KAJIURA a lot for getting me involved again. It's SO MUCH FUN to get closer to her play by the day.

We all know... surpassing her piano play is impossible :D, but who cares: Playing her stuff rockzz a lot, and very interesting to analyse and copy her style, also learning techniques by watching and listening.

My hobbies in short:
- of course anime and manga are still a hobby of mine : )
- playing piano stuff takes up my free time currently
- translating ArcaOS from EN to DE and therefore contributing to ArcaNoae's work to release a german version starting with version 5.1 of their new OS/2 fork operating system.
- lots of retro machines need to be maintained and kept happy
- playing computer games like X3, X4, VR stuff, Microsoft Flight Simulator
- Planes (especially A320) and phraseology for talking on the radio, background knowledge in aero stuff is fascinating and helps understanding the processes .. I like these a lot.. and invest quite a bit of my time for aero topics
- Minecraft: Rebuilding Venice in Minecraft (Yes.. on the water on top of wood poles) whilst using Google Street View as a reference for everything... took me 5 years until now.. (Yes I like the details.. :D)
- software development in numerous programming languages
- there's more small stuff, but too much things for too few time. - The days needs to be longer than 24 hours to make everything finally progress further.. ;^^

In this forum I am looking forward to a good chat and nice people who all share the fascination for YK's work and her excellent band members. : )
And perhaps also some nice piano scores to improve my own play as far as anyhow possible. *___*