NHK Drama Special "Kazeyo Arashiyo" (風よ あらしよ) | Music by Yuki Kajiura

Wow they basically sample half the soundtrack with this one. Loved most of the tracks, there was a boring strings one, as well as a jazzy one which is really good after her experience with pri pri and vanitas 🤗 SOUNDTRACK ASAP PLEASE 🙏🙏
canta per me forum members are getting antsy for not having a soundtrack released for a long time.

lol the lead is the same actress as hanako.

"The life of Ito Noe, a women's liberation activist during the Taisho era, and who boldly confronted social contradictions such as poverty and gender inequality." seems interesting if team bilibili puts the rest I may have a look:)

yeah I liked all the tracks. I think there might be a leitmotif but I'm not too sure (the flute track + that trailer strings/flute + jazzy track). yes there is.

can someone clarify? so this 3-episode thing will air today (sept 4)? after that episode in march?
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You were all so positive that I skipped through the episode on bili just now. TBH I found it pretty boring, lol. I also doubt there was 9 minutes of music in this first episode. Maybe the next two are better...
i like the main theme ? 11-13
30:35-31:45 is so not fitting. weird.

johnnny deppp acshoon:))
Thank you so much ☺️ For the subs to synch on ep 1 you gotta cut out the first minute of the video.
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Episode 3

45:30-46:40(sfx, new?)

Unless I missed it, the OST that played at 1:05 in the PV/Interview was not used.