NHK Drama Special "Kazeyo Arashiyo" (風よ あらしよ) | Music by Yuki Kajiura


Dripping with Kajiura
kazearashi_og2.jpg to the NHK after 3 years.
Based on the novel by Yuka Murayama, 656p, released in 2020.
To be aired on NHK BS8K in late March, then BS Premium & BS4K in Autumn.
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Is it a full drama with episodes or like a movie ?

Seems to be feminism - themed show, about women rights and gender inequality, and also kind of historical too, like Hanako was.
Noe Ito. Women's liberation activist of the Taisho era.
A hundred years ago, with the power of a single brush, she challenged the institution of marriage and social morality head-on.
Her only source of inspiration was her overflowing passion.
She lived a life of unrestrained freedom and was about to blossom as a writer when unreasonable violence took her life at the age of just 28. Her life of bravely confronting the social contradictions of today, such as poverty and gender inequality, is once again powerfully shaking the current stagnation.
Based on the novel by Yuka Murayama, winner of the Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for Literature, and scripted by Mukoda Kuniko Award winner Koichi Yajima, the film features Yuriko Yoshitaka as Noe Ito, and depicts the "flame" of a woman who tried her best to protect freedom.

One hundred years ago, in the Taisho era (1912-1926), Raei Hiratsuka issued a proclamation stating that "from the beginning, women were the sun", and rebelled against the strong tendency of male chauvinism. The women who applauded her began to speak out against society.
Noe Itoh, who grew up in the countryside of Fukuoka, rejected marriage to support her poor family and moved to Tokyo. With a thirst for freedom and overflowing enthusiasm, she supported Radao's bluestocking company and eventually became a "young icon" of the times.
Her first husband, the Dadaists Jun Tsuji, left her, and she met her better half, the anarchist Sakae Osugi, and just as she was about to start to blossom, the Great Kanto Earthquake struck. Unreasonable violence strikes her...

<Original story by Yuka Murayama
As soon as I caught a glimpse of Yuriko Yoshitaka's nape on the monitor, I got goosebumps. It's Noe, Noe is there...!  The overwhelming presence and power of the image took my breath away.
Before writing this book, I had thought that it was a distant story.
It was not. The people Noe, Osugi and the others fought and defeated are still threatening us today.
What do they have to say to those of us living in the present day who have never stopped saying "NO!

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Dripping with Kajiura
The government will hate it lol.
It's a special and according to the translation it's said to be aired in and not starting from so I think just an episode?
The book has 656 pages tho so could be several, or a long episode, kind of movie I guess.


FictionJunction theme song please?
The Works for Soundtrack 2 please?


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
not surprised by a feminist-themed drama will hire Kajiura cause girlboss :whip:

Kidding aside, I hope for a release cause her last drama(eien) doesn't have one afaik....


Yes but some of the bgms were in wfs 1, and tbh they were kinda boring. Lets hope this follows the Hanako example.


I like Yuki
It was only on air on NHK BS8K channel first, 8K video is very difficult to handle, the resolution is 7680x4320, maybe we have to wait until this autumn when it is on NHK BSP & BS4K channel.



「風よ あらしよ」のBSプレミアム・BS4Kの放送日が決定いたしました。
【第1回】9月 4日(日)22:00~22:49


  • プレミアムドラマ「風よ あらしよ」9月4日(日)夜10時放送スタート!


伊藤野枝。大正時代の女性解放運動家。 100年前、筆一本の力で、結婚制度や社会道徳に真正面から異議を申し立てた。 あふれんばかりの情熱をただ一つのよりどころに。 「原始、女性は太陽であった」と書いた平塚らいてうへの憧れ、第一の夫、ダダイスト・辻潤との暮らし、生涯のベターハーフとなる無政府主義者・大杉栄との出会い…。 自由を求めて奔放に生き、文筆家としてさらに開花しようとしたやさき理不尽な暴力がわずか28歳の彼女の命を奪うが、貧困・ジェンダー格差など、現代に通じる社会矛盾に果敢に立ち向かったその生涯は、閉塞感に満ちた現在を、今改めて、強烈に揺さぶっている。 吉川英治文学賞を受賞した村山由佳の評伝小説を原作に、向田邦子賞受賞の矢島弘一が脚本を担当、吉高由里子が主人公・伊藤野枝を演じ、自由を守ろうと懸命に生きた一人の女性の“炎”を描く。 【原作】村山由佳 【脚本】矢島弘一 【音楽】梶浦由記 【出演】吉高由里子 永山瑛太 松下奈緒 美波 玉置玲央 朝加真由美 山下容莉枝 山田真歩 栗田桃子 音尾琢真 石橋蓮司 稲垣吾郎 ほか 【制作統括】岡本幸江 【演出】柳川強


  • 伊藤野枝(吉高由里子)​

  • 大杉栄(永山瑛太)​

  • 辻潤(稲垣吾郎)​

  • 平塚らいてう(松下奈緒)​

  • 渡辺政太郎(石橋蓮司)​

  • 村木源次郎(玉置玲央)​

  • 神近市子(美波)​

  • 堀保子(山田真歩)​

  • 甘粕正彦(音尾琢真)​


  • BSプレミアム

  • BS4K




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