Nagi Yanagi / やなぎ なぎ

I previously found that Nagi Yanagi was listed for in Sapporo in mid-September 2014.

Now she has been listed for Animax Musix 2014 on 22 November in Yokohama Arena:



(Along with Maaya Uchida this is the second artist listed for Animax Musix 2014 that Chiaki Ishikawa has written for).
@Kugayama and @a-chan : Not sure if you guys were aware of this, but that song was from the original concept album Owari no Hoshi no Love Song (yanagi sang all of the songs on it). The songs actually all tell a story which seem separate and distinct at first, but which you later realise all tie together (and because it's Jun Maeda who wrote all of these, they're all pretty tear-jerking).

Some people subbed all the songs and PVs that came with the album and put them in a playlist on youtube, which I recommend you guys listening through.

Songs #1 - #9 all tell different stories (all of them quite sad), Song #10 (Hero no Jouken) is the one that ties them all together (I actually cried the first time listening to it) and #11 Kono Hoshi no Birthday Song serves as kind of like an epilogue.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that, because I love these unique 'story-telling' albums (kind of like a Sound Horizon thing, I guess). I think it just lends some more meaning to songs, especially when you see how they all fit together in the 'world' that Maeda created in the album.
Wow thank you so much @Cerise! I've listened to a few of those songs, but I didn't really know they tie together. I find songs that tell stories really unique too. I'm going to watch them all in one sitting this weekend :w00t:
Slight shameless (not quite-)self promotion: one of my co-writers for UK-A managed to land an interview with her when she was a guaest at Hyper Japan recently. It may be of interest to you guys.

That'll be another Japanese artist who's on my "more UK live shows plz?" list then!
^ thanks for that, Martin! :chuu: She's one of the voices that I really like and follow to slightly greater extent than just 'casual', but I've never really seen any of her lives or gotten to know her through interviews, so that was nice ^^

When I started uploading those videos, I was just doing it to relax myself... a healing process, if you like. When I realised that I was getting so much feedback and so many comments for something that I was just doing for relaxation, I was really shocked that I was getting so much attention."
Ah, so that's why her voice sounds so healing too :XD: :shy:

@a-chan : Yes, I would highly recommend viewing them all in one sitting. Especially when you get to Hero no Jouken the impact is a bit bigger (also because you actually remember which is which story XD) I always tear up a bit in Futari Dake no Ark and Yuki no Furanai Hoshi. And then in Last Smile, Hero no Jouken and Konno Hoshi no Birthday Song I cry really, really hard, no matter how many times I've watched them :XD: :TdT:
There are also actually two more songs on that album (Toaru Kaizokuou no Kimagure and Kouru Yume) but I'm not sure how they tie in, or indeed if they do at all. Because all of the ones part of the whole "ended planet" concept apparently were released with either PVs or an image/images, and those two songs didn't have any of those. Their lyrics also don't really imply any connection, although Toaru Kaizokuou no Kimagure is another sad-ish story. And Kooru Yume is just frankly creepy, since there's no actual singing in the song, just yanagi talking, and the lyrics at the end of the song are like (O_o)

Anyway, I'd love to hear what you think of Owari no Hoshi no Love Song if you're ok with sharing your thoughts! :V: It's got a special place in my heart, since no other album or songs (even from Kalafina or FJ) have moved me this much and made me cry to that extent. ;_; (Although Kala/FJ will still always be #1 loved XD)
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to find out about this amazing work^^
Actually,I don't like all the songs but overall I've appreciated all the stories. Nagi's voice is so soothing and expressive, I love it. She knows how to hit right there, in your poor defenceless heart. :TdT: Plus most of the stories were breathtaking ( and hearthbreaking :XD:).

My favourite is the one that impressed me the most for both the musical side and the story (and almost brought me to tears): "Owari no Sekai Kara". A little masterpiece, such a splendid piece of music.:sohappy: Then I enjoyed a lot "Executioner no Koi","Hifuki-yama no Mahoutsukai", "Last Smile", "Hero no Jouken" and the meaningful "Kono Hoshi no Birthday no Song".
@Martin : Thanks for sharing! I wish the interview article was longer. And with other details about her other than her career in music (e.g. what she was doing prior to being a full-time singer-songwriter, childhood, hobbies etc.). Not related to her music, but I'd still like to know :punched::hide::ohoho:

Speaking of which, I wonder if Yanagi Nagi is even her real name? It's quite unusual for Japanese names to be written fully in Hiragana, family names are usually written in Kanji I think.

@Cerise : I'll have to get ready a box of tissues then when I view them over the weekends :XD: I'll let you know my thoughts/impressions after that :V: Ah this is off-topic, but I wonder if you listen to Vocaloid stuff? Would like to recommend a tear-jerker Vocaloid song to you (although I think it's not so much the song or the lyrics, rather the animation + melody combo that makes it so sad):

Also if you like songs that tell a story (somewhat), this one's worth watching too:
^ I like this cover by Wotamin. The title of the song is 'Sarishinohara', based on the scandal involving former AKB48 member Sashihara Rino (note the rearrangement of her name to come to the song title) :innocent:
@a-chan no probs. Re: the spelling of her name. I'm sure some people better-informed will have more of an answer, but it's something I've seen other artists do as well. Sumire Uesaka's given name for instance always seems to be written in hiragana as "すみれ" rather than kanji. Maybe it's a 'style' thing, or perhaps it's done for privacy reasons - hiragana shows the pronunciation of the person's name, but it would make it difficult to trace them to private social networking accounts (Twitter, FB, mixi) because their kanji isn't displayed publicly.

That's just a theory of mine though. :confu:
I really enjoy the Aqua Terrarium single, that Kuga has sent me. All songs are good. you can count on me is heartwarming. The other song, mnemonic, is kind of sad sounding, but it is nice and calming as well. And of course I like the Aqua song. I will be listening to all of the songs posted next, and hopefully I will get a chance to see her in concert. Animax would be fun, but I can never go. *sigh*
I finally got around to viewing all 11 vids in the playlist today! I'm with @Kohaku_, while I don't like all the songs, I do appreciate all the stories.

'Owari no Sekai Kara' is still my favourite, because I love the melody of the song (it has got a very memorable melody that instantly "clicks", if that makes sense :XD:), and something about waking up to a gray world towards the end of the song evokes a deep sadness within me. Anyhow I'm probably a little biased too, since I've known this song for a long time (it's among the top few "most played" songs in my non-Kajiura playlist).

I find 'Futari Dake no Ark', 'Flower Garden', 'Yuki no Furanai Hoshi' and 'Last Smile' really heart-wrenching. Of these I'm most familiar with 'Last Smile' since I've watched it previously. I like the way the piano sounded in-time with the IV drips in 'Last Smile'. For the other three, I couldn't help but think that the impact would be greater if only the vids had more "animation", instead of using just that one drawing for the entire song. If there were no lyrics on screen I think it's probably going to be a little awkward to watch... :ohoho::punched::imdead:

I don't know how to feel in response to 'Killer Song'. I must say I'm a little disturbed.

'Muteki no Soldier' and 'Executioner no Koi' are both really touching. Such sacrifice... :TdT:

'Hifuki-yama no Mahoutsukai''s ending feels rather abrupt. I want to know if she was able to save the boy in the end!

Lastly, I like how 'Hero no Jouken' and 'Kono Hoshi no Birthday Song' tie things up and spread a message of hope in the end, to keep making an effort and trying your best.

I don't see 'Yuki no Furanai Hoshi' being mentioned in 'Hero no Jouken' though, I wonder if I missed it somehow:confu:

Overall, I like the album's concept. Would love to see more of such works in the future :sohappy:
Aqua Terrarium collaboration with Chiaki Ishikawa at Kitamae: