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Edit : Added MU link

From Panda request??? lol...

After collecting what still remains after the moving to've only 2 cover songs available.... :leaf: .

Akatsuki no Kuruma : This is what I call a failed version... :rain: , because of the misorder of recording... :spotlight: .

It isn't an original version, but it's my own a bit arranged version for a singing contest, sung by 2 person. My mistake is I recorded the main vocal before and sang the chorus part in the second recording, (It should be alternated... :TdT: ), and the result is that the chorus part is louder than the main voice.... :desksweat: .

There's no original of Akatsuki no Kuruma's cover in my computer.... Also...the Thai lyric during the long instrumental part before the last hook is what I composed by my own to sing in the contest.

Secret Ambition : An opening of Nanoha Series sung by Nana Mizuki. I didn't watch Nanoha, but I sang to be a farewell song for my friend who's Mizuki's fan and went to study abroad in that year..(and after she watched Kara no Kyoukai..she became a Kalafina's fan.. :ohoho: .) I sang it in my own style and it's different from the original so much... :notlistening: .

It seems like I'm a cover who've never been stricted on the original song.... :swt: .

Kouya Ruten's (FictionJuntion YUUKA) and Gravitation's (Angela) download links have gone.... (Kouya Ruten..only added a Thai lyric that I composed for this song at the end...., but I sang in FJY way..., and for Gravitation...I changed the singing style so much...if you don't know this song before and hears only my may not believe that it's Angela's song... :...: , coz I chose to use quite soft voice to cover it instead of Angela's powerful style... :XD: .)

Um...In fact..I've seen a video when I sang Kouya Ruten on stage in the internet..., but I think the link should be gone...(at least..I hope so...coz I think that is my worst perf.. :ohoho: .)

Edit 090717 :
Hitomi no Kakera : I rearranged some chorus part in this song..but the singing style isn't different so much from YUUKA..(or you can say that it's my style when singing YUUKA's

This is for Yuki Kajiura Live#4 without my favourite 'Hitomi no Kakera'

Chorus only (composed and sung by myself)

As I've complained about my poor recording stuff...the flute's sound in instrumental part is quite terrible :uh..: ....

Edit 090723 :
Fairytale : I didn't record the instrumental melody. There're only my voices for both vocal and chorus. (I must record chorus part after the main vocal part, so there's the same problem as Akatsuki no Kuruma.) It's the first time that I covered Kalafina's I think my Kajiuran part is quite weird...= =...I may record it again next time and try to record the Chorus part before the Vocal part..^ ^ll.

Hanamori no Oka : Thanks Panda for the backing track file..:). It's about the 5th or 6th attempt of may feel that my voice is quite

Edit 090820 : All songs of Yuki's from Gundam SEED (and SEED destiny) that I like...^ ^. I wanna cover Shinkai no kodoku and Mizu no Akashi, too, but I don't have a karaoke file....T^T... As for Kiyo's mention,'ve changed all new covers into .mp3 format...^ ^.
Annani Issho Datta Noni : It's the first Yuki's song that I've listened and fell in love, even I hadn't known her at that

Life Goes On : The most difficult part in this song can I sing the whole song without lacking of power in my voice.... My allergy's gone worse when I moved to Canada...= =...huh...(or I'm also older...T^T...)

Kimi wa boku ni niteiru : The last song in this entry but it's the first song that I recorded, and it's also the first song that I performed on the I can record it in the first round because it's the song that I'm quite familiar

Edit 091010 :
Kouya Ruten It isn't my first time for Kouya Ruten cover. The first time is on a singing contest with some special performance and it made my singing be very bad.... Orz..., and I considered that it's my worst singing on stage..Orz.. However.. I think I did far better than the past when I only sang and recorded

Yakusoku For Yakusoku.. I think someone said it reminds them See-Saw song, but both See-Saw's and Yuuka's songs are my I hope I'll sing a few more FJY's songs when I go back to my country and can find some karaoke tracks that I didn't bring to Canada.
:omgwtf: mediafire is dead for me now(superslow)!!!
sorry but I can't dl them :cry: :cry:

(Kouya Ruten..only added a Thai lyric that I composed for this song at the end....
wow, you modified it? but didn't sing in your way? :XD:
Yay! Yay! :sohappy: Thank you so much for sharing!

At the beginning of akatsuki no kuruma, I thought your voice was a bit unstable, but as the song went on, you became more sure about it. And I thought you sounded a lot like Yuuka. ^_^

In my opinion, Secret Ambition fitted you more. Though I do think you should have not have sung it as sweetly as you did.

Overall comment: I like how cute your voice is. :dote:
All notes were perfectly in tune! :omgwtf: :cry:

Now we found our fourth member for Kalafina covers.... :plot:
uwaahh you are so talented ^_^ and blessed with a beautiful voice :shy:
the extra part in akatsuki was so cool!!
wow, you modified it? but didn't sing in your way?
Try to maintain Yuuka's In fact, there's a FinalFantasy fanboard in Thailand that some members starting a topic about "Thai lyric" for posting Thai lyric that are composed for songs in another language and non-lyrical song. (It isn't necessary that the lyric must be strictly translated from the original song. It may be absolutely different or only similar to the whole content of the song, but the most important thing is that you can sing your composed lyric with the original song melody.. That's why we call them 'lyric', not 'Translation' lol.) At first, the most of works in that topics are songs from Final Fantasy, but when the webboard became bigger..there're many members join that topic and they composed many Thai lyric for other songs...including many of Kajiura's (some songs have 2-3 version of Thai There're 4-5 members, including me, that usually compose Thai lyric for Yuki's songs..loo. I add them in the singing time...I will cover both original&Thai lyric that I composed by myself...XD.

And I thought you sounded a lot like Yuuka. ^_^
You're the first one said like

Though I do think you should have not have sung it as sweetly as you did.
lol....your post made me remind that why did I sang in that I've just remember that I usually sings in quite smooth and soft way when I recorded it by that camera, because I think that when I sing in this way, the camera usually gave a better recorded sound when compares with singing in the powerful style. (It seems like the recorded voice is a bit noisy if you force your voice strongly when recording.) But when I sing on stage, It's upto the songs' style, usually stronger than when recording. Um...may try various style for one (and mustn't care with the quality of sound... :...:..., otherwise, I should find another gadget that is more efficient for sound recording.. :uh..: .)

Now we found our fourth member for Kalafina covers....
Oh...I've seen only your and Kiyoko's cover song entries....who is the other one.... :stars: .

Edit : Added the main version of Akatsuki no Kuruma... :sohappy: (before recorded the chorus voice)...I found it at last.... :ohoho: .

hope MU is work for everyone...XD.
The other member is Tsubasa @_@ , really...? I've thought that she's a boy..... :ghost: .

Kagaribi no Hanabira said:
The other member is Tsubasa @_@ , really...? I've thought that she's a boy..... :ghost: .
tsubasa on CPMe is a boy :ohoho:
Come back after the 2nd .hack//CPM... I added Hitomi no Kakera cover...(for Fiction Junction Tour Concert without my favourite Hitomi no Kakera... :TdT: ) You can see MU download link in the first post.
Added "Hanamori no Oka" and "Fairy Tale" in the first post...^ ^.
lol the vocal + chorus only version is so interesting. :XD:
yeah... the background voice is larger... :uh..:
btw, don't you use any softwares to record? and why you only record into wav format? that's such a huge format (esp. in case of my super slow internet connection...)
I've cover other 3 songs from Gundam can go to this link or see the edited part in the first post... :sohappy: . ... -seed.html

I've converted all files into .mp3 format.. recorder can record only .wav files... and I didn't use any software for recording... do you have a program to recommend... :stars: .

It doesn't matter, but I've just noticed it...I forgot asking Kerahna to move my topic to the new subforum... :omgwtf: . I shoul do it just right now before I forget again.... :cry: .